I am THRILLED to pieces to share with you all my brand new book Made Only For Heaven!

Have you or someone you know, been through the deep and painful loss of your precious baby through miscarriage or stillbirth?  My husband and I have been there, five times over.  The pain runs so deep and struggles I never knew before, caused my faith to shake a bit.  God led me on a journey to determine, no matter how much my heart hurt, to keep praising Him through my storm.  There is hope for healing found in Christ!

Maybe you have not been the one to lose a baby in this way, but you know someone who has and you just don’t know what to say or do.  This book is designed to give you a glimpse into what your loved one may be going through.  It will help you to know how to best encourage them.

As we learn to praise God through life’s trials, we can quickly learn how difficult it actually can be.  What happens when our dreams of having a family come to a sudden halt when at a routine check-up we find out our expectant baby no longer has a heartbeat?  Our Coverhearts are instantly broken and our dreams come shattering down around us.  What then?  How do we continue to praise God through this painful and grief-filled trial?  This was not in the plan for our happily ever after!

Made Only for Heaven shares my journey, when as a young bride I discovered we were expecting a precious baby only five months after the wedding bells rang.  The moment we saw the positive pregnancy test, dreams of our coming baby filled our minds, only to be suddenly broken just a few short weeks later.  That was only the beginning and as the years went by, they would also lose three more babies through second trimester miscarriages and the stillbirth of their baby boy.  Through the pain, I share honestly my victories and struggles of how the Lord taught me to continue to praise Him through it all.  Even though my heart was breaking, I wanted to praise God in the midst of her storm.

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