His Grace IS Sufficient

His Grace IS Sufficient

This has been quite the year. I have never struggled with anxiety, until this year. We were hit from all sides within just a 6 week period and I really thought I would have a mental/emotional breakdown. We have had years of severe trial before, but never quite like this one. Here we are nearing the end of this year and I can honestly say, God has been faithful! He has faithfully been by our side even when out of desperation and deep hurt I cried, “God! Where are you?!” Yes, you read that right! Even me, a Pastors wife, I don’t have it all together and I question God at times just like you.

When I look back on this year I think of one word, Grace. God’s grace has proved to be sufficient time and again. He has been patient with me in my hurt. He has loved me when I believed the lies the enemy spoke about just how unloved I am. He brought back my joy when the enemy came in and stole my joy in time of deep sorrow. He has been our healer and He is redeeming our hurts. He has proven that if I will trust Him more my anxiety will become less and He is the true peace giver. The more anxious I am simply reveals the lack of trust I have in God. When my eyes are on Him, my heart is at peace.

This year God has asked us to step out in faith, put into action again and again the faith and trust in God we claim. He has asked big things of us, but He has also proven yet again that He is the lover of our souls and He is worthy of us taking those big steps of faith and living out our faith in Him!

Just last night my husband and I were talking about trials and why it seems the Lord allows some to be overwhelmed with trials and yet others seem to barely be touched by the fire. We may never know the reasons why God works so vastly different in the lives of His children, but one thing I do know. I am so thankful He is at work in our lives! He has brought us out of the mire and set our feet on the Rock! Trials give opportunity to have more of ourself stripped away so that Christ’s reflection can be more clearly seen.

If you are finding yourself in a year much like ours has been, take heart! Be encouraged! I know from firsthand experience, God IS faithful 💕 He will see you through 💕

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