I Can’t Help But Pray

I Can’t Help But Pray

I imagine every one of us knows someone who is hurting deeply. Someone who carries so much pain in their heart you can feel it in your own. Often we think and say, “I wish I could do more than pray!” because prayer just doesn’t seem enough. Yet many times, prayer is all we can do!

Jesus Himself felt pain so deep, so wide. He knows the pain of suffering, loneliness, physical pain, and pain so deep it literally broke His heart. He knows the pain of loss, and betrayal. He knows the pain of a loved one gone wayward, and the temptations that come when He was physically weak.

He knows, friend, He knows.

Image may contain: textPrayer is more powerful than we can imagine. Prayer helps our burdens feel lighter because we have cast them onto shoulders big enough to carry them. Prayer can help, it can change circumstances, prayer for others is a deep expression of love for them because we bring the one we love (and even those we are struggling to love) to the One Who heals. To the only One who can change hearts.

Our desperate whispers to Him in the night reach His ears and touch His heart. Prayer draws us closer to Him and though our circumstances or the circumstances of those we love may not change for awhile, God begins to change us. The storm may swirl, but peace enraptures our soul because we have come close to the true Peace-Giver.

Let us never diminish the power of prayer!

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