Good Reads

Good Reads

Goodness it has been awhile since I’ve shared some really great reads! Here are three that are currently on my nightstand!

This first one has been sooooooo very good for me to read right now!  Broken is the word I would use to describe our yeFullSizeRender (1)ar thus far.  God has been at work and the enemy has as well. God is faithful and our season of brokenness has only drawn us to our knees even more. We all have seasons like this I would imagine.  Broken is oftentimes looked at as a bad thing. If toys are broken we toss them, if the car is broken it costs a lot to fix it, broken just does not equal good in our eyes the majority of the time. But brokenness can be a gift as well, even when we ourselves feel broken.  In essence we are all broken but we so often put on our brave face because we just can’t let others see us in any other way. In Psalm 51:17 the Psalmist shares, “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.”  Broken can actually be a really great thing.

This book was a gift to me the beginning of the year by my husband and this book has been just exactly what I have needed right now at this time in my life.  God can use the broken! He isn’t done with us, He can actually use us best when we are broken.  “You become real when you make every situation, every suffering, every single moment, into a way to lead you into closer communion with Christ. A broken way. ~ Ann Voskamp

How many of us have replayed words spoken to us throughout our life

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as if they were a broken record? Words full of labels we have allowed to define us. Words maybe full of condemnation come back again and again to give a sucker punch and they sting just as sharply and deeply as they did when they were spoken even though time has passed. You know, just the other day my mind began to wander as I cleaned our tiled floors. It started out just fine, but then one thought led to another (you ladies know how spaghetti brained we are! It is all connected some how!) and before I knew it I was mopping my floor and wanted to cry! I caught myself right in the heat of those emotions and asked the Lord to help me take all of my thoughts captive. The words replaying in my mind were condemning ones spoken to me by someone but they were not true and I have no business allowing them to try and define me. The enemy loves to get us to dwell on those things as he tries to make us forget who we are in Christ. This book has been incredible! If you have ever been told you are not good enough, have been labeled by others, or even if you find yourself struggling with how you actually view yourself, then this would be  a great read for you. The author reminds us by using Scripture who we are in Jesus, and that is the truth that matters. “Instruction brings life, condemnation brings destruction. Wise, truthful words are never harsh or unkind. They are gracious. You can’t remove those hurtful thoughts, words, and memories, but by the power of God you can drain them of their potential control over you.” ~ Jennifer Rothschild



Any Fixer Upper fans out there? I love this show, but not even really for the beautiful designs and incredibly beautiful homes at the end! I love the chemistry between Chip and Jo! They have fun together, they love each other, and they have fun loving each other! No marriage is perfect, but marriage is such a gift that has been under attack and it is wonderful in the midst of so many broken marriages and families to see a couple that flirts shamelessly, laughs abundantly, and genuinely loves each other. It’s how I feel about my own marriage! A few weeks ago my hubby and I were able to slip away to Waco for a belated anniversary getaway! It was absolutely fun and wonderful and I am still head over heels for this man 12 married years later <3 This book is a fun one to read as it tells the story of Chip and Jo. Loving God and loving each other the way God wants us to makes a marriage wonderful! This was a lighthearted read and I found it pretty down to earth and delightful! If you ever get the opportunity to go to Waco and see Magnolia for yourself, do it! Get a cupcake while you’re there, they are toooootally worth the calories 🙂



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