What If We Gave Everything

What If We Gave Everything

Have you ever known someone to be a complete fanatic over something they were passionate about? If you are on any social media accounts you can find people who are crazy for whatever product they are selling! Anything from fingernails to exercise, their lives are consumed with what they are passionate about.  Their actions may seem odd, their life style drastically changed, but they are committed to their cause and they will not give in or give up.

The other day I was busy with my typical daily routine and as is pretty common in our home, music was playing.  A song came on that I found myself thinking and meditating on for the rest of the day.

You know, all of us have things we are passionate about. We have desires and many things that keep us busy and occupy our time, finances, and life. Passion is amazing and a gift that God has given to us, when we are passionate about the right things.

For a moment I want us to ask ourselves the question, what would our lives look like if we really got passionate about Christ? To the average Christian or church goer we may actually seem fanatical!

The majority of our day we spend so much of our time building our earthly kingdoms, collecting possessions and things that will not even last, and yet so little time building God’s kingdom. Investing in what actually will matter for eternity.

I have to ask myself, what is it that holds us back from giving everything to God?

So often we have distractions that pull us here and there. Keeping us away from personal time with God, scheduling church in when we have time, instead scheduling everything else around church. Giving of our finances only when we feel like it.

What keeps us from coming to a place where we actually do live by faith and not by sight?

Because Christianity has changed so much through the years, we would probably seem pretty radical if we did. We would seem odd, and maybe a bit on the crazy side if we really gave every aspect of our lives to God. Though we may not all admit it, we seem to fear so much more of what others will think about us and how we so desire to fit in that we just are not ready to be that *radical* of a Christian.

As the song in my home continued to play, the Holy Spirit tugged on my heart. How would my life change if I lived completely by faith? If I crossed that line myself?

I am reminded of Matthew 16:26 that states, “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?lily

Christ gave us Himself, He gave up everything for us, yet we find it way to radical to do the same for Him.

I think the majority of us fear we will be giving up our dreams, that we will have nothing if we live totally surrendered. Yet, we must remember that God is the giver of our dreams! We must realize that when we give everything to Jesus we gain everything that He is!

Conviction has swept across my heart. I want to give Him my all, and keep on daily making that choice to give my everything to Him!

Together, let’s ask the Lord to help us cross over that line! To give Him everything and find in Him all we need!

2 thoughts on “What If We Gave Everything

  1. This was encouraging and convicting to me today! What a great reminder that we have been bought with a price and all to him we owe.

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