Disrupting the Status Quot

Disrupting the Status Quot

As we look out around us it is quite evident that our world is full of brokenness and we don’t even have to look very far to see it. In reality all we have to do is look up from our daily grind and there it is staring back at us. blogpic

As Christians I think even though we may not admit it readily, we would enjoy living in our own little bubble of what we would consider safety.  Going about our daily lives, keeping to ourselves, and not wanting to reach out and care for or love those outside of our safety bubble.

We claim Christianity, but we want it to cost us nothing.

The truth is, being a Christian, living as a “little Christ” {as is the definition of the name Christian} it will cost us something.  If we are living how Christ would want us to live, it will take sacrifice. It will cost us time, resources, emotions, physical labor and more. However, though it will cost us greatly at times, Christ has told us that it will be worth it all.

So why is it that when we are counting the cost, more often than not we figure it just isn’t worth the sacrifice?  Why are we this way?

If we were to step back and take a really hard look at ourselves and ask the question, “What is it that holds me back from truly living how Christ has called me to live?” two things would probably prick our conscience.

One would probably be our own fear.  Though Christ has called us to not live a life of fear we oftentimes do. { 2 Timothy 1:7, For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.}  We fear if we open up to the world, we will be hurt, we will be ridiculed, rejected, we will suffer for the sake of Christ. We fear if we give every part of our life to Him, Christ will send us to the deep dark jungles that are filled with {Large} creepy crawlies and eat food we cannot stomach. Fear cripples us, which is what the enemy delights in!

Second, and this one is probably even greater than the first, is our own selfishness.  We focus so much on ourselves and what we do or do not want.  We like the status quot and we have no desire for it to be interrupted.  We want the benefits of Christianity, a home in Heaven, without having to conform to what Christ wants. We will give God the bare minimum…. only what we feel is necessary to give Him in order to ease our own conscience instead of living whole-heartedly for Him!  Anything outside of that is off limits to God because we enjoy our comfort zones, thank.you.very.much!

But what if I were to tell you that our reasons for saying no to God are just incredibly weak and lame excuses?

What if I were to tell you that saying “yes” to God will not automatically send you to the jungles?  Saying yes to God will disrupt the status quot but at the same time it will fill you with joy in knowing that you are living the life God really wants you to live!  

What if we just stopped making excuses and decided today, right now, we are going to ask the Lord to help us live for Him the way He wants us to live for Him?  Taking that next right step and making that next right decision!

When we make this choice, we will begin to experience a deeper walk with the Lord we have probably never had. He will begin to burden our hearts for those around us who are lost or who have strayed from God.  He will begin to show us how we can share His love with them. Reaching them right where they are, stretching out our hand to serve and love them with blogppic2a love only Christ could fill us with to give.

The Lord has challenged me deeply with this recently. How am I making a Kingdom difference in my own home, church, community?  Am I being the hands and feet of Jesus to those around me who are lost, suffering, and hurting?  Can I honestly say I am living whole-heartedly for Jesus with no strings attached?

There have been many times when I have allowed fear to creep in and take over.  There have been times I have been selfish and quenched the Holy Spirit really working in my life. By God’s grace though, He can and will help us to live for Him.  Absolutely and whole heartedly making a difference right where He has planted us all for His glory. Colossains 3:23,  And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;

I love this quote I read the other day, “God has enormous purpose for your life!” Let’s let Him fulfill that purpose for our life on His terms and not our own!


Many Blessings,



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