Three tips on Being Still

Three tips on Being Still

In the chaos of life always on the go, how can we be still?  We have learned that life is just busy, but have we been taught how to actually be still and rest?

Let’s take a deeper look together today!

First, being still requires getting alone with God daily.  This seems like a no-brainer right?  Yet, how many of us with great intentions of having faithful devotions with God have found ourselves allowing time to slip by without spending time in God’s Word or in prayer?  I have to raise my hand here because I have been guilty of this very thing. Good intentions without purposeful planning will not produce our desired results.  The truth is, we accomplish in our day what we purposefully make time for!  If we don’t purposefGood intentionsully plan, it just won’t happen.  Spending time alone with God is the most important part of our day! There is nothing that sets a better tone for our day like getting alone with Him and soaking in the truths of His Word and casting our cares onto Him before we dive into our day!

Second, being still requires saying no to some things and yes to only what really works for your family and schedule.  Though we often like to think that we can be all and do all, we really can’t.  Attempting to say yes to every opportunity that comes along will leave us drained and not provide adequate time to get alone with God!  It is crucial to remember, every opportunity presented to us is not necessarily from God.

God would never ask His children to be so busy they never have time for Him.  He longs to fellowship with His children, both privately and corporately through worship at church.  We need to figure out what opportunities are from God and which ones are meant only to distract us from Him.  Spending time alone with God daily and asking for His wisdom will be beneficial in being able to tell the difference between the two.

Third, being still sometimes requires time to get away.  Being in ministry, our lives are almost always on the go.  I have told my husband, “I can go and go and go, as long as I know there is a date on the calendar when we can retreat, get away, and just be us and rest”.  There is something about being able to get away from the “norm” of every day life that refreshes you!  Recently our family was able to get away for a week and though we were not alone, we went to visit extended family, we were away from home with no major responsibilities and were able to rest.  I remember as we headed down the freeway, it literally felt like all of the cares and burdens we had been carrying began to fall off.  We were on vacation!  Getting away also means unplugging and truly resting from everything.  Turn off social media, turn off the phone, get away from it all in order to be still.

I’m excited about this coming year!  Learning to be still definitely won’t happen over night and it will probably be challenging at times, it will definitely be worth the effort we put into it!

Many blessings,



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2 thoughts on “Three tips on Being Still

  1. Being still is so hard for me, but this year I’m putting stillness into practice and learning. “…we accomplish in our day what we purposefully make time for!” Isn’t this the hard and real truth. I love this nugget you placed on my heart today. Have a beautiful day, sweet friend.

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