Two Calming Truths in the Chaos of Christmas

Two Calming Truths in the Chaos of Christmas

As we looked over our calendar for the month of December I was ready to crawl under the covers and hide.  Our to do list was a mile long and various events were scribbled across most of the days on our calendar, leading up to our favorite holiday, Christmas!Tree

It is such a magical time of year, isn’t it?

The dazzling Christmas tree and twinkling lights that draw us in and beckon us to come and rest for awhile.  Yet, our schedules hold hardly any time to actually sit down, much less take advantage of some needed rest!

Do you think the busyness of the year is actually a tactic of our enemy?

Remember, anything that will take our eyes off of Christ, no matter what it may be, that is his goal. Keeping our schedules tightly packed in order to keep us from being still and resting in Christ’s presence, is a delight to our enemy for sure.

In the few moments we have to share together, can I speak some calming truths directly to our hearts?

First, let’s remember to stop, be still, and reflectGod has not designed our bodies to keep going and going like the energizer bunny.  He has designed our bodies to need rest.  When we are still and quiet, after we have unplugged from the noise of the outside world, we find ourselves able to nativityponder the unimaginable truth of what Christmas is really all about.

God, our very Creator, came down from Heaven in the form of a tiny baby, and His soul purpose for coming was to be our Savior. A plan He had formulated from before time even began, was now taking place.

What love! 

The depth of this love is beyond human comprehension!

In the midst of all that is going on, let’s take the time to simply be still and let our minds dwell on the truth of what Christmas {and life!} is really all about.

Second, let’s be okay with the fact that we can’t do it allLearning the art of saying “no” can be a difficult lesson for people pleasers, like myself to learn. We want to make everyone happy {even though we really do know that is impossible to do, but goodness gracious we will give it our best shot!} and every time someone asks something of us, we have a hard time simply saying “no, not this time”.

It is so important to figure out what events can be done that will not drain our resources mentally, emotionally, physically, and/or financially!  As Lysa Terkeurst so beautifully stated it in her book, The Best Yes, we have to learn to say “yes” to the best thing and be okay with saying no to others.

Totally easier said than done, I get it!  However, it is completely possible to learn to say “no”, and it is okay to do so!  With God’s help, we can do this!

So as we settle in for the month of December, take some time to reflect, to be still, and enjoy this time.  As the song goes, it really can be the most wonderful time of the year!


Many Blessings,




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