Guest Posting Today….

Guest Posting Today….

Today I am making a guest appearance over at my friend Hannah’s blog!  I look forward to seeing you there!
Special Guest: Wendy Carr

Something I’d like to do periodically on this blog is share posts featuring some of my writing friends. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Wendy Carr. 🙂

Wendy and I went to high school together, and I had the privilege of connecting with her again on Facebook a year or so ago. Wendy has just published her first book, Made Only For Heaven.

1. Welcome! Could you please introduce yourself?

Hello! My name is Wendy Carr and I am the adoring wife of my husband Chad. I am a California girl that has been transplanted to the south! My husband is the Senior Pastor of our church and we have three children who are 8,6, and 2! It is a busy but wonderful life!

2. Share 5 random or interesting facts about yourself.

1. I have zero craft skills.  🙂 Though Pinterest has been helpful in this area, crafting is something I admire, but have no skills in. 🙂

2. I have a deep love for the Christmas season! We are one of “those” families who have their tree up rather early each year! There are no Scrooges in this house! 🙂

3. I love my cup of warmed up creamer with a little bit of coffee each morning. 😉

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