Encouragement From the Right Source

Encouragement From the Right Source

And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God. 1 Samuel 30:6

 I have been a blog reader for quite some time now and I have a few that I follow on a regular basis.  Some of them have marriage and parenting advice and then there are those with helpful tips and tricks.  Blogs can be such a great asset, right?  There are so many blogs out there and we can find advice and encouragement from other women who are or have been in our shoes!   Pick a topic, any topic!  There’s a blog for that!

It can be easy to allow encouragement and advice we need to be found in social media or the blogging world.

Friends, can I share one simple truth with you today?

Look, I am a blog reader myself and I love some of them out there!  However, I encourage you today to remember one thing.  Let’s not let our main source of encouragement, wisdom, counsel, and everything else we need in life to come through blogs, websites, or any other social media!  Though they can be great tools and used for wonderful things, let’s remember to ultimately get our encouragement from Christ and His Word first!

In the passage above, David and his men had returned from war and discovered that their women and children had been taken.  To make matters worse, the men were angry with David because of it and wanted to stone him!  His circumstances were dire and he did not have access to the internet!  He could not hop on google and find a three step plan in overcoming being stoned!  Though he was instantly broken and discouraged over what had happened (and what could still take place!), David had already learned Who to turn to for everything he needed.  I love that his first instinct was to turn to God for encouragement and you know what? God supplied David with just the encouragement he needed to keep going.

God wants to do the same for us!  In the midst of life He wants His children to have the same first instinct that David did, to turn to Him first for what we need without a moments hesitation.  Not as a last resort, not after we have called everyone else or googled online for advice and help.  No, He longs for us to turn to Him first for what we need to get through life.

Blogs are great!  They can be informative and helpful, they can brighten our day and make us laugh, but let’s remember, they ought not be our ultimate “go-to” for life.  Let’s find our encouragement and everything else we need through life in Christ first and let everything else be secondary.  Let Christ be the One to fill us up, not social media.

Be encouraged! You are loved by and Amazing God!


If you have been encouraged by this post, please feel free to pass it on! 

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