When Walking With Christ, Defeat is Not Included

When Walking With Christ, Defeat is Not Included

My first ever attempt at baking was kind of a big flop.  I was a young teen and I decided I was going to make my first ever batch of brownies!  I had the box right in front of me and I carefully read all of the ingredients I needed.  I cracked the eggs, measured the water, dumped in some oil, and was ready to turn the mixer on.  I read the next step and that is when it all fell apart.  The directions read, mix until all of the dry ingredients are wet.

I looked from the box to my bowl.

From the bowl back to the box.

Ummmmm, there were no dry ingredients in my bowl!  Only eggs, oil, and water and that did not sound like it would make wonderful chocolatey brownies!  Where is the chocolate?!

Confused I went to my mom and explained my dire circumstances and that’s when she began to laugh.  Yes, my own mother laughed at me.  She said, “Wendy, you have to open the box and pour in the mix!”  {Resume more laughter.}

Totally embarrassed at my mistake, I went back to the kitchen, opened the box, poured in the mix, and I am happy to report that my brownies turned out like a charm!

Can I tell you that to this very day, my family, yes, my own flesh and blood, still laughs at my mistake.  Looking back I can’t say that I blame them 🙂  It was pretty humorous!

You know, we tend to do that in our every day lives, do we not?

If we have accepted Christ as our Savior, the living Holy Spirit is alive within us and yet we do not access the very power that dwells within us!   We go through our days wondering why we just cannot get victory over one of our pet sins, or why it seems our days are always stressed filled.  Why is our home not a happy one and where did the Joy of my salvation run off to?

Many times instead of accessing the Holy Spirit within us, we stifle the Holy Spirit and convince ourselves that must be doomed to just live a life of defeat.

Oh friends, that is not the case at.all!!

If that is the mindset you find yourself in right now, stop!  I promise you, defeat is not the plan God has for you!

John 10:10b is very clear, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly”. {emphasis mine}  Does life more abundant sound like a defeated life?  No way Jose! Life more abundant sounds wonderful!

In order to have that though we have to be daily walking with Christ.  Even if we skip just one day we will find ourselves run down, believing the lies of the enemy, wondering where our joy has gone, and living in defeat! Defeat is where Satan longs for us to dwell.  John 10:10a let’s us know, “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.”  Yes, the enemy revels when we live in defeat.  Ladies, kick that enemy out of your home and remind Him that, “Greater is HE {God!} that is in you, than he {Satan} that is in the world.” I John 4:4

Just like I had the ingredients I needed for my brownies, I had to open the box to access them!  We have to open God’s Word to access His power!  We have to spend time in prayer daily, not just when we feel we can squeeze in time every other day, but every single day.

Ladies, let’s open the box!  Let’s let the Holy Spirit reign in our lives!  We can have victory!  We can have joy!  If we have accepted Christ’s free gift of salvation, we have exactly what we need living right inside of us to live a victorious Christian life!  Let Him rule in your heart today!

Be encouraged!


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