What’s In A Name

What’s In A Name

Each time my husband and I have been expecting a baby we eventually get around to playing the name game.  And by eventually I mean the week after we find out we are expecting 😉

When it came to our oldest oh we tossed around SO many names!  My husband would say one and I would reply with, “Oh no, I knew someone named that and they were not the sweetest person.”  Then it was my turn and the name I would toss out there was handed right back to me with a resounding, “No way Jose!” for the exact same reason!  He had known someone by that name and they left an awful memory in his mind.  When we finally agreed upon our baby girls name we both knew of one girl with the same name and she had the sweetest spirit.  She was a child back when we were expecting our first baby, but even as a nine year old, she had such a sweet spirit about her and for that reason, we both agreed we could use that name.

There is a verse that has recently stood out to me as I read it.  It is one of those verses that I have read many times before, but it really stood out to me for a different reason this time.  You can find it in Proverbs 18:10, “ The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

The very name of the Lord is a strong tower!  Isn’t that incredible?  I found it interesting the verse does not say the “Arms of the Lord are a strong tower, run into His arms and be safe.”  No, His name is a strong tower!  How incredible!  When I think of God’s name I automatically think of the word, powerful!  Just the mere mention of God’s name evokes strong opinions from people.  His name is a strong tower and those that are righteous know all they have to do is run to His name and they are safe!

Notice that we have to actually do something.  It is not enough just to know that His name is a strong tower, we have to, not walk, not drag our feet, no, RUN to Him and we are safe.

There is power in the name of God.  There is safety in the name of God. Don’t walk, run to Him today and find the security, the safety, the refuge we so often desperately seek!

Let the name of the Lord be your strong tower, run to Him and find your safety there!


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