Hearing From Heaven

Hearing From Heaven

The past few weeks my husband has been preaching from the book of Ephesians on the Armor of God.  This past Sunday he spoke on the darts that Satan shoots at us and how he aims for our most vulnerable areas.

Friends, have you ever felt like you and your family were under Satanic attack?

That is where we have been these past few weeks.

Oh where do I even begin?

Our home has felt more like a war zone than a warm loving family.  Our children were fighting more and irritations and frustrations were at an all time high.  Okay, I really cannot believe I just admitted to this for all of you to read, but let’s get honest, it happens in all of our homes doesn’t it?

The more my husband preached on this topic the more the attacks seemed to come.  Discouragements were mounting and my husband and I felt like we were failing in both our home and the ministry!  It is interesting how Satan will work so hard to convince us that God is not at work when in reality God is doing or is about to do GREAT things!

Finally, this week my husband and I had had enough with these attacks.  We were done with these weights that were besetting us.  We were done with it all, we wanted to hear from Heaven.  We faithfully get up early each morning and spend time both individually and as a couple praying and reading our Bibles, but we knew we needed more.

So we set aside a day to fast and pray.  {Now, let me be quite honest with you all, I am not adding this little tid-bit to bring praise to ourselves.  No no no, I simply want you, my dear readers to know that there is power in prayer.  There is power in fasting and praying. }

My husband and I took this day to focus on praying about three specific areas that we really want to see God move in.

In my minds eye I envisioned my husband and I, in the full armor of God, kneeling down in front of our children, holding our shields of faith in front of us, and fighting for our children and in two other areas all day long, the best way we knew how, on our knees.

Friends, God heard.

Since that day the discouragements have fled, our home has been more at peace, and we know God is at work in His church.

You know, I daily set aside time to pray and often find I pray throughout my day, but that day was different.  Have you ever just had a heavy longing to hear from God?  Not just about something you want answered for yourself, but for others as well?

When we see God at work in our life, when we experience God transforming our life it often becomes contagious!  We long to see others experience it too!

There is tremendous power in prayer.

This is something God has been teaching me more and more of and I cannot tell you the longing in my heart for others to learn it as well!

What is holding us back from being men and women of prayer?  Is it a lack of faith?  Is it because of un-confessed sin?  Whatever it is that keeping you from praying more, ask the Lord to help you overcome it or get rid of it!  It isn’t worth keeping around when the power of God in your life is at stake.

Prayer changes things, but we must be praying to see those things changed. 

Be encouraged,


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this and sharing your heart. Our family has been going through the exact same thing the past week. This has helped me tremendously. Thank you!

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