Enough is enough, let’s just get consistent!

Enough is enough, let’s just get consistent!

A year ago I was fed up with myself.

I was done with my inconsistent devotional time with God, my lack of a serious and purposeful prayer life.  I would read my Bible but was not getting out of it what I needed to get me through this life!  I found myself frustrated in my Christian walk and one morning I just laid it out there for the Lord.

I prayed to the Lord and confessed my sin, I told God just how fed up I was with myself.  I did not want to be an old woman one day who looked back on my life and only had regrets when it came to my walk with God.  I wanted to finally get this thing right!  I said, “With your help, Lord I will be consistent from this day forward.  Teach me how to be consistent.  Help me rise early every single morning, help me not to miss a day, convict my heart if I try to.  Help me to walk as closely to You as I possibly can!”

The very next morning I was awake early, not because I had set an alarm, but because God woke me up.  I got up, put the coffee on, grabbed my Bible and began the first day of my truly consistent walk with Him.

I believe that there has to come a time in every Christian’s life where they just say, “ENOUGH!  I’m ready to be consistent!”  Not just consistent in reading God’s Word, but consistent in all of it, true study of God’s Word and an increasing prayer life.  Until we reach that point, we will not follow through.

Throughout this year God has given victory and I have found myself feeling closer to God at this point in my life than ever before.  I say this not to pat myself on the back, but to share there really is victory to be found in Christ!  When we are ready to be serious, He is ready to offer His help.  This past year I have not needed an alarm clock once to wake me up.  Each morning the Lord wakes me up early enough to spend time alone with Him before the family begins to stir.

Friends, let’s get real, let’s get consistent, let’s admit to the struggle so that we can finally get victory over it!  Let’s get our walk with the Lord a daily consistent part of our life!  Let’s show Satan that we mean business in our walk with God and let him watch us as we daily put on the armor of God and get ready to do serious battle with him. He knows there is power in Christ, there is power in God’s Word and there is power in prayer!  Let’s stop trembling at what Satan tries to do in our life and let’s let him tremble as he watches us daily grow in our walk with Christ.   There is a war to be waged against Satan and there is victory to be found in Christ!

Be encouraged!


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