Ten Years and Still Going Strong!

Ten Years and Still Going Strong!

To my dearest Husband,

Years ago in my home in northern California, I began to pray for you.  As a young teenager, I remember God began to prod my heart to really begin praying for my future husband, wherever he may be.  Little did I know he was a teenager as well, growing up in the middle of corn fields in a small Michigan town.

My prayers for you were filled with prayers of protection over you, purity in your heart, mind, and body, prayers for God to build your character and that you would be a man after God’s own heart.  A man who only desired to do God’s will, for as long as God gave him breath.  I had no idea your parents were simultaneously praying similar prayers for me.

When we met, all those years ago in college, I knew right away you were the one.  There was never a doubt in my mind.  How incredible it was to see God bring us together and grow our relationship.

Now, ten years of marriage later, here we are.  Man and wife, hand in hand, deeper in love than we ever imagined possible.  Three children running around our home with faces that resemble our own when we were young.  Symbols of our love for each other, gifts from God granted to us to raise for Him.

You have seen my good days, my hard days, my ugly days, and you still love me and pursue 884352-R1-197-1me, just as Christ pursues His own bride.  You have seen the best and worst of me, and you are still loving me even more than ever before.  In a society where it seems there is an epidemic of men walking out on their families, you have stayed and stand proudly as a husband and father.  You have shown what it truly means to be a man of your vows, both to me and to God.  You have shown what a truly godly man looks like, and I am forever thankful for your faithfulness to me and our children.

We have climbed to mountain tops together and we have lived in the valleys together.  We have lived through the stress of busy days and the calm of ordinary days, hand in hand.  Countless hours we have spent praying over our marriage and children, open Bibles have been on our laps as we soak in the truths of God’s Word, together.

God answered my prayers, and even went above what I could have ever asked or thought, when He gave me you.  He took those prayers of a young teenage girl and multiplied and blessed them again and again.  You are such a priceless treasure God has given me.

Ten years ago we said “I Do”, and I am forever grateful to our God for gifting you to me!  I am SO proud to be your wife, for as long as we both shall live, and I am so thankful I get to spend an eternity together with you!

I love you, my sweet man!

Yours Forever,


7 thoughts on “Ten Years and Still Going Strong!

  1. Wendy, what a pleasure to “meet” you. I’m a couple of spaces over from you on Suzie’s LiveFree Thursday.

    You are blessed indeed to have a godly man who cherishes you. I’m blessed that way too. Holt and I started dating at 19, married at 22 and this year, we will celebrate 36 years of marriage. Yep. 1979. Hard to fathom how long that is, yet it’s just the beginning. You too? Forever sounds fine to me!

    May I invite you to join the dance each Friday as we #DanceWithJesus at SusanBMead.com/blog-2? Your words would bless us there too. Warmly, Susan

  2. It is a great testimony that your marriage has lasted 10 years and going strong still. It is wonderful that you have grown in love. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Dancing with God.

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