My little boy the graduate!

My little boy the graduate!

grad1The day they laid him in my arms was a day I will never forget!  He was 7lbs 6oz and I was in love with every little bit of him!  God had given us a little boy!

Yesterday, that little boy graduated from Kindergarten.  Be still my heart.

This little guy has been full of life and energy from the start!  He goes non-stop and then suddenly crashes and is out like a light!  He is the type that, if he is sleepy, he will wiggle and wriggle so he doesn’t fall asleep!  He never wants to miss a moment of what is going on!

As I think about the life ahead of our little man in the making, I am SO thankful for the strong and determined will that God gifted him with.

Oh sure, there are days that that will of his has me in tears, but I am SO thankful he has it because I bet he will need it especially down the road.

When I pray for this little guy, I praise God that he saw his need for a Savior!  Yes, this year, about a month ago, he accepted Christ as his Savior.  My husband and I pray daily for his spiritual growth and that God will protect him from ungodly influences.

This little guy is growing right on up right before our very eyes.  He will be 6 in just a few weeks time and as every older parents who has gone before me has already stated, I shouldn’t blink because if I do he will be 18!  Well, I’m just not ready for that!

How thankful I am for his life!  How thankful I am for his health!  How thankful I am that God saw past my fears of raising a boy and gave me one to raise!  A little boy who we pray will one day be a God-fearing man who always strives to live his life for Christ.

I’m not a perfect Mama and he’s not a perfect boy, but we have a perfect God who is perfecting a wonderful plan for this little mans life and I am honored that God has chosen me to get to be a part of it!

I love you little buddy and am SO thankful I get to call you my little boy! <3

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