Memorial Day

Memorial Day

In the fall of 1999 I was blessed to be able to travel with my Senior high school class all the way from the west coast to the east coast.  An early morning flight landed us mid-day in the heart of our nations capitol.

It was the trip of a life time.  Seeing History come alive was truly incredible!  I remember seeing Lincoln’s Memorial at night, it was beautiful!  I’ve never been the History buff my husband is, but that trip truly made history come alive!  Lincoln Memorial

Like most of us, my ancestors came across on a boat.  They came pursuing freedom and I am a direct recipient of their bravery.  Because of them, and God’s sovereignty, I enjoy the freedoms that living in America brings.

Seeing the tomb of the unknown solider, seeing the graveyard in Arlington, tomb after tomb after tomb, seeing different monuments and places dedicated to the brave men and women who sacrificed their life so that I, and you, could enjoy the freedoms we do.  It gets me right in the heart!  Every single time.  What a sacrifice!

God has truly blessed this nation.

I may never know why God chose me and my family to live and grow up in the greatest country on earth, but I am deeply thankful.  I am forever indebted to the men and women who have sacrificed life and limb on my behalf!  Freedom is not free, it comes at a price.

My freedoms in America were not free, nor was my salvation free.  It also came at a cost, but my Savior paid that price for me, just as soldiers who go to war pay the price for my freedoms.  I am forever grateful to my Savior, who was willing to pay the price so that I could truly know what freedom is!  So that I could truly be set free no matter where I call my earthly home!

On this Memorial Day I want to join the millions of other Americans who give a hearty “THANK YOU!” to those who have served our country through their military service.  My heart is filled with gratitude for your service!  At a time when our country’s flag, the national anthem, the very essence of what our country was founded on seems to be under attack, know this.  My family and I are thankful for you and the service you have done.  We are proud to be Americans, who hold our flag high, who proudly say “one nation under God” when we say the pledge.  We are thankful for you, our men and women in uniform, as you have fought and continue to fight to protect our nation!

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day

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