She wakes up in the morning and almost like a robot heads straight for the coffee maker.  She pushes the “Start” button and the life juice begins to trickle into the pot.  She scans the room and begins to think about all the things that are on the agenda today.  “When did life get so busy”, she thinks.

As soon as their is enough to fill a mug, she pours her coffee into her cup and finds her place on the couch.  Opening up her Bible, she takes a sip of that wonderful miracle called coffee, and begins to read what God has for her that morning.

The house sits quietly still, it’s just her and God.  As the coffee begins to do its thing she feels more awake with every word she reads.  She has learned through the years, she cannot properly care for her children without first caring for her own soul.  She soaks in the truths of God’s Word, spends time in prayer, and begins to pour the breakfast cereal.  The children in their rooms have just been waiting for that sound, the sound of the cereal hitting the cereal bowls and they come bursting out of their rooms ready to start their day!

She pours the milk in the bowls of cereal, fills the cups with 1/4 water and 3/4 apple juice, and sets all of the bowls at their respective places.  Children already in their seats proclaiming their hunger!

After breakfast she scoots the kids off to their rooms to change their clothes and make their beds.  There is cereal under the table from the toddler not quite able to handle a spoon properly.  A blanket and pacifier in the living room.  Stuffed animals already on the couch.

Family Bible time and Scripture memory are done and the day is off to a great start.  Children playing, schooling being worked on, laundry in the washer and dishes in the dishwasher.  Hoping for a shower before noon would make the day perfect!

Throughout the day she works preparing meals, working through squabbles with children, she is pretty good at being a referee, folding laundry, training children, she does her best to point her children back to Jesus as often as she can.  Grocery shopping and running errands keep them scooting along.  Throughout her day the vacuum and a mop find their way into her hands, there always seems to be something sticky on the floor!

The day speeds on and before she knows it dinner is done and baths are given.  Evening is upon her and bedtime is approaching.

Snuggles and bedtime {tickles} and baby rocking all take place.  At the end of the day she is worn but thankful.  She is living her dream!

Tomorrow morning she will begin again and do it day after day after day.

She is blessed.  She is thankful.  God has taught her more about Himself today and He used her children to do so.  She was reminded of God’s grace and goodness, His faithfulness and patience.

One day her children will appreciate all that she does to care for them and raise them up in the way they should go.  She is not perfect, but she does her best and she loves what she gets to do!

God has given her a gift!

He has called her to be a Mama and there is nothing else she would rather be!

This is a glimpse into my life every day, maybe yours looks a tad different.  The point is, as a Mama, what a gift we have been given!  God has entrusted us with sweet treasures to raise up for Him.  When we are doing all we do for His glory, nothing is mundane.  Nothing is pointless.

Start your day filling your soul up with Christ so that you can properly give to and care for those God has entrusted into your care.  Mothering is a lot of work, harder than any of us probably imagined, but still, what a gift!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!  You are doing a great job!


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  1. It is a gift! Every. Single. Day. I loved your description of your early mornings. Sometimes I have to be out the door early and I desperately miss my early morning Bible reading. Happy Mother’s Day (or week) to you 🙂

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