Continuing on with my “Soul Thing”

Continuing on with my “Soul Thing”

So I am in the middle of reading this book.

It’s good.

Thought provoking really.

Have you heard of it? bestyes

As I began to really dig into this book it didn’t take me long before I knew this was definitely the right book for me to be reading right now.

It was in the second chapter when she said, “Writing is in my soul!”  As I sat in the quiet of my home early in the morning I wanted to shout, “Yes! Yes! YES! It’s in mine too!”

I had just been sharing with my husband recently how the closer I feel myself getting to God, the deeper my passion is to write!  The burning desire to share with women all over the world {Yes, I see you ladies checking in from several different continents!  Hi!! So glad you stop by!} just keeps growing stronger.

Recently I submitted my manuscript to a potential publisher.  Eeeek!  I’m nervous and yet at peace!  I’m tempted at times to be fearful of the “what if’s”, and yet God has called me to think on truth and be filled with his peace!  (Phli. 4:8 and Is. 26:3)

What is true is that God has called me to write this story.  God has given the words, the strength, the help I have needed to get this book to where it is today and since He has called me to write it, I know He will see it through to the finish.

But I’m not to stop there.

Earlier this year, while my book was with my editor, the Lord impressed upon my heart to keep writing.  To begin another book.  “Another book?  Really?  I’m not done with this one yet!” I said.  “Yes, another book.  Keep writing.” was His obvious reply.  It kept coming back to my mind and so a few months back I began again, another journey, another book.

I loved what I read this morning in the book I am currently reading, The Best Yes mentioned above.

Lisa shared, “To do the soul thing {which means to do what God is calling us to do but we have to strive to make time for it or we never do it} is actually the exact opposite of selfishness.  Keeping it inside with no chance to bless others would be the selfish thing to do.” 

I had never thought about my writing that way before.  I truly believe God is calling me to continue writing, but I’m a stay at home mama with three small children, two of which are home schooled, not to mention we are in full time ministry….. time is not something I have a lot of!

Yet, God is calling me to write.

So I need to carve time out, make time, to accomplish this “soul thing”.  If I never make time for it, it will never happen.  And so do you!

What is it God is calling you to do?  What does He keep impressing upon your heart to do for Him?  What is your “soul thing“?  Make time for  it!  Set a goal and stick to it!

So yes, I’m in the midst of writing another book!  Stay tuned for more updates!

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