“Okay Lord, I’m Ready!”

“Okay Lord, I’m Ready!”

“Lord,” I prayed, “I’m ready!!  I’m ready for a relationship!”  I was a Senior in college and though I had had dates throughout my college years, I knew I had not yet met “the one”.

A few years prior I decided to put aside all other books {college books not included 😉 }and in my spare time I would focus solely on reading books that would hAWomanelp teach me about being a Godly woman, wife, and mother.  I started with Elizabeth George’s book, A Woman After God’s Own Heart.  I soaked up the words, I underlined what stood out to me, I gleaned so much from her practical and down to earth writings!  It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Elizabeth and I…. one she will probably never know about, but through her writings I began to learn what it meant to be a godly wife.

As I finished one book of hers I would pick up the next and on and on I went.  I yearned to learn how to be a godly woman and eventually wife!

During the first semester of my Senior year at college I poured my heart out to God about it all, once again.  “Lord, you know I have been striving to prepare myself for my future husband!  I feel ready now to meet Him!”

Have you ever felt like you could almost hear Christ audibly speak to you?  During my prayer it was almost as if the Lord audibly said, “You may be ready, but what if he isn’t?”

Whoa.  That thought had never even crossed my mind!  What if he really wasn’t ready for me?

So I picked up my prayer journal and I began praying feverishly for my future husband like I had never done before.  Day after day prayer entries filled up my journal.  I asked the Lord how I should pray for my future husband and do you know that God once again spoke to my heart.  I prayed that God would build his character.  I prayed that if he was going through a trial-some time that his faith would be stretched and that he would become closer to God because of it.  I prayed for him to become a man after God’s own heart.  On and on the prayer journal entries went.  I remember that entire semester I was burdened for my future man, and I didn’t even know who he was!

Every time I would struggle with not having a special someone yet, I would pray for him.

Then January rolled around.  It was my first full week back on campus for the last semester of my Sr. year.  My phone rang and this guy on the other end was asking me to go to dinner with him and some friends.

As time went on and we had more and more dinners together our relationship blossomed and I just knew he was the one God had for me.  He was the one I had been praying for and waiting for.  After a long two hour phone conversation I discovered just why the Lord had me so burdened to pray for him!  I had no idea what he was going through the previous semester and yet, as he told me his story I got more and more excited!!  With each of my prayer journal entries I dated them and do you know that specific days and times I felt burdened to pray for him were the exact days that he was struggling the most?!  How incredible are the ways God works!!

Now that I have been a wife for ten years I know I still have SO much to learn.  However, I am also thankful for the way the Lord worked in my heart to not just be waiting twiddling my thumbs for my future husband to find me, but to get busy learning about becoming the kind of wife he would need.

I truly believe, whether one is single, dating/courting, engaged, or even married, it is wise to continue learning how to be the best Christian woman you can be!  Tuck some good resources on your night stand or coffee table.  Download books to your kindle or onto your phone so when you are somewhere you have to wait, you can be gleaning while you wait.

I love looking back all those years ago and remembering how God brought my husband and I together.  I appreciate the things God taught me before He brought my husband into my life.  I also have wondered about what may have happened had I not headed the prompting of God in my life to pray passionately and purposefully for my future husband.  Great and godly marriages do not “just happen”, but they are always worth the effort put into them!

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