Grace In Motherhood

Grace In Motherhood

Have you ever forgotten about grace?  I have to be honest and say that I have.

The area I most forget about it is in my own parenting.

In the hustle and bustle of child rearing God knows I long to raise the children He has gifted my husband and I with, to love and serve Him as long as they live.  I can easily carry on with my day-to-day routine of parenting though as if it all depends upon me that these children of mine turn out godly.  I sometimes forget that God is in the equation as well!

I cannot minimize the fact that my husband and I do have a tremendous responsibility to raise them up right, however, it isn’t all on our shoulders.  When I forget about God’s grace I begin to feel overwhelmed with pressure and my imperfections stare me down.  How many times have I said to my husband, “We only have one shot at this and I don’t want to mess them up!!”  I see how much I parent imperfectly and love my children imperfectly because of the imperfectness of me!  I fear that because I’m not the perfect mama to them, I will mess them up and cause them to turn from God.

I forget that God’s grace can make up the difference where I lack.

The truth is, I will always parent imperfectly, and God knew that I would when He made me a Mama.  He knew that when He made me a Mama it would cause me to depend even more on Him.  He knew that when He made me Mama it would reveal crystal clear the selfishness rooted deep in my heart, the pride I have, the “perfectionist” in me would struggle over not being the “perfect” parent, and that ultimately He would use Motherhood to sanctify me and draw me ever closer to Himself.  He didn’t call me to be “perfect”, He knew my children would never be able to handle a “perfect” mama.  He knew that He could use my imperfections to point my children to their need of Him as well.  We are all sinners, we are all in need of His grace, not only His saving grace, but His day-in-day-out plenteous grace!

I’m in the trenches of motherhood.  My children are young and I have no idea how they will actually turn out.  I cling to the promises of God, I plead for wisdom beyond my years, I ask for forgiveness of God and my children when I mess up, and I strive to point my children to the One Who is perfect and has enough grace to go around.

Whether we have a “good” day or a “bad” day in parenting, it does not change my standing before God.  No matter how I parent I will not earn more or less favor with God.  Because I have accepted His free gift of salvation, {Ephesians 2:8-9} the cloak of the righteousness of Jesus Christ is over me.  He took all of my imperfections and sins and placed them on Himself when He hung on that cruel rugged cross.  When God the Father looks at me, all He sees is the righteousness of His only begotten Son.  Oh what grace.

So I’m parenting imperfectly, I love my children imperfectly, but God {I LOVE but God moments!} intervenes and offers grace.  He can make up the difference where I seriously lack and He can use the imperfections of my life to point out their need for Him in the lives of my children.  My imperfections are what God can use to draw my children to His saving grace!  I know I will continue to parent imperfectly because I am a sinner, but God!  Motherhood is sanctifying!

In the middle of parenting, don’t forget about grace!  Work hard being a Mama, pray harder for your children, yourself and your husband, do everything you can to point your children to Him, but don’t forget about God’s grace!

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