Thankful in the Chaos

Thankful in the Chaos

Today was, hm, well, it was quite the day!  It was full of chaos and all kinds of crazy!  Can I share with you just a smidgen of how it went?  You’ll laugh, I promise!

Okay, so this afternoon I was organizing closets.  Ya, I’m in a total “organize everything in this house” kinda mood lately.  So I was organizing clothes in my sons room.  I heard my phone ring {which was out in the kitchen} so I stepped out to answer it.  Tossing over my shoulder instructions to my son to put away his clean laundry as I went.

It was my sister, “hey, what’s up?” I answered my phone and my the conversation had barely begun when I walked back into my sons room to discover he was putting his clothes away as I had instructed him but he was kinda doing the “cram ’em in” method and the bottom of his top drawer was about to come through the bottom of his drawer!!  Yikes!  “Wait! Stop!” I said, as he tried to cram and slam the drawer shut… but the clothing sticking out the bottom of the drawer was keeping it from closing all the way.  Whoa that was a close one!

So my sister and I chatted for about 4 min longer {my sweet nephew is sick 🙁 } and when I hung up I walked out of the room and walked into the dining room to find the kids trying to teach Lucy {the dog} how to do tricks.  With her dog food.  That was now all over the dining room floor.  I promise, I was not on the phone long enough for this kind of mess to take place so quickly! Those little ones are FAST!

“Alright, stop with the dog food.  Lucy can eat her dog food in her room.  Please pick up the food all over the room and take it to her room.”  They quickly got to work, they knew they had made a mess.  Well by then the youngest of the bunch had discovered what a fabulous idea it was to give Lucy her food by dropping it all throughout the house! It got Lucy to follow her around as well so that was a wonderful perk! Yay!

So I’m going about helping her pick up the scattered dog food kinda not so happy about the matter….. when I notice my oldest singing a song.  I had to laugh.  Her song? “With Christ in the vessel I can smile at the storm!”  Oh boy, God has a sense of humor right?  This wasn’t a storm by any means, rather it was just a long day and this was “one more thing”.  Know what I mean?

My husband is gone to a meeting and I began to close the curtains when a tiny pair of shoes on the window sill stopped me.  shoesI had to take a picture.  Those little shoes were placed on the window sill by my toddler who eagerly wanted them put on her feet.  Then ran off to find something else to do.

Those shoes reminded me that the crazy, the chaos, the busy day are all reminders that I am blessed to be a Mama.  One day there will not be shoes on the window sill, there will not be children’s clothing to organize, the loud {at times} chaos will be replaced with silence.  I need to embrace these moments.  Even when it’s been a rough day, because each day is loaded with so many blessings, so many gifts from God that I shouldn’t even make the time to think and dwell on how rough the day was.  When I’m focusing on how all kinds of crazy the day was that means I’m not focusing on the blessings that God is giving me at that very moment!

Little shoes reminded me of a big lesson!  I am to blessed to dwell on the chaos!  The chaos eventually calms down, and yes, there are even blessings in the middle of the chaos!  The kids were getting along quite well while they were teaching the dog “new tricks” 🙂  I am undeserving and yet He keeps pouring the blessings on!

Now I’m off to add “Chaos” and “all kinds of crazy” to my list of 1000 Gifts!

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