Christmas Time Is Here!

Christmas Time Is Here!

Oh I just LOVE this time of year!  Ever since I was a child the Christmas season was my favorite!  The story of Christ’s birth, the lights, the decorations, the excitethment, the wonder!  Oh I just eat it up!

Now that I have a family all my own we do things a little bit differently then many.  We never really stop listening to Christmas music during the year 🙂  We decorate earlier than most families, we simply just soak up the Christmas season for as long as we can!

It seems that Christmas gets a bad rap these days.  I understand that it is commercialized and many only think about what they can get instead of what they can give, but let’s get honest.  It’s CHRISTMAS, there is tremendous reason to celebrate!!

What does Christmas mean to you?

I adore the Christmas story.  Two years ago this Christmas season I was largely pregnant with our soon to arrive baby girl and my thoughts often wandered to Mary.  Now I know that the chances of Christ being born on December 25th are slim to none, but bare with me will you?

Mary, hand selected by the Lord Himself to bare His only begotten Son, took a road trip.  Her trip was not in a luxury car but rather on a donkey.  I cannot even fathom!  Then to nativityarrive at their destination and discover there was no room for them inside.  No comfy bed or cozy sheets.  No pillows or downy blankets that smelled clean and fresh.  Off to the stables they went.

I remember being 9 months pregnant and how uncomfortable I felt with a large protruding belly.  If I had been in Mary’s shoes I know for sure I would have cried.  No bed?  No pillow?  I wonder if Mary shed tears.  There is no doubt she was weary from her journey and emotional because of her fatigue and being nearly due. I wonder if she “nested” as many pregnant women do.  Did she stuff the manger full of extra hay to make sure it was extra soft for her coming baby?  Did she hold the clothing He would soon wear, tightly to her chest and dream of what her baby boy would look like?  Did she wonder what it was going to be like to raise a perfect child?  Did her heart ache knowing what His future would one day hold?  I can’t wait to meet her one day in Heaven.  There are so many things I want to talk with her about!

As her labor pains began I can only imagine how proud God the Father must have been.  His precious Son was about to make his physical entrance into our world!  Was God the Father bursting at the seams like many new father’s are?

And then, in the stillness of night, He was born.  Jesus.  Our SAVIOR!  The One who was prophesied of for years, the One Who would one day take the payment for our sin, He had arrived!  When I think of Christmas my heart swells with LOVE and APPRECIATION for what Jesus was willing to do!  He knew what humanity would do and become and yet, He came anyway!  He came and offers us HOPE and LIFE!!

Who would not want to celebrate that?

The argument that Christmas rushes in long before Thanksgiving is even over often brings with it comments of disgust.  Can I share something honestly with you?  I love Thanksgiving and I am deeply appreciative of a day like that, a day to pause and simply be thankful.  But in reality the Thanksgiving holiday doesn’t bring with it hope.  It does not bring with it LIFE.  It does not offer what the birth of Christ can offer!  I think part of that disgust is the enemy’s doing.  He wants no attention on Christ.  It must drive him crazy to know that Christ has a national holiday celebrating His birth!  So he creeps in and sows seeds of discord.  He breeds materialism and tries to take the attention away from the birth of Christ.

Can I tell you this; just because the world tries to commercialize the season of Christmas, and tries to remove Christ all-together from Christmas, that doesn’t mean we have to!  When the decorations begin to come out, what a great reminder that Christmas is approaching!  A day when our Savior was born!  That is a GREAT reason to celebrate!

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