Why Pray

Why Pray

It was not until I became a teenager that I began to realize the importance of prayer.  Even then, prayer was not a huge part of my life.  When I got married it became more important and when I had children the urge to pray grew even stronger.  With every passing year I am learning just how much prayer needs to be a tremendous part of my life.

Why?  Why pray?


When I pray at times I can literally feel the weight of the world falling off of my shoulders.  When I pour my heart out to God I find myself feeling that life is a little more bearable.  Praising God through prayer reminds me of how GREAT He really is!  Pouring my heart out to God reminds me of how much I need Him to get through each and every day.

As I lay my requests at His feet I am met with no judgement.  I can admit my weaknesses and He loves me still.  I can confess my sins and He forgives in that moment with no condemning words. He offers peace in the midst of my storms.  He offers grace even when I fail to offer grace to others.  He forgets my sins after I confess them and reminds me no more of them.  God is my safe place to run!

I can talk to Him about anything and everything.  I can talk with Him about my concerns for my children and desires for their lives!  I can intercede in prayer for others and take their burdens directly to the One Who can help them!  He is worthy of my trust and keeps my requests with only Him.  Through talking with Him, my life is changed!

Countless times I have seen Him answer prayer requests that only He knew about.  Countless times He has delighted in meeting not just our needs but so many of our wants.  He has picked me up when I have faltered, He has delighted when He helped give me victory.  When I communicate with Him I feel closer to Him than ever before.

Why pray?

The better question would be, Why not pray?

I Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray Without Ceasing”.

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