Staying At Home isn’t what America wants Mama’s to choose?

Staying At Home isn’t what America wants Mama’s to choose?

I read something today that got me a bit worked up.

It was about Mama’s who choose to stay home with their children and the quote was, “Sometimes, someone, usually mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a result. And that’s not a choice we want Americans to make”.

Hold on to your stockings ladies because that definitely rubbed this stay at home Mama the wrong way.

When I was a little girl all I ever dreamed of doing one day was staying home and raising a family.  A wife and Mama was a high aspiration in my mind!  It used to be the norm but it is actually a rare find these days.  It is a decision that every family has to make, will Mama work outside of the home or stay at home?  In our family it was decided long before we ever had children.

Staying home with my children is such a privilege!  Yes, I go bananas some days….  Yet, it is SO worth it to stay home!

We do not go on extravagant vacations, our clothing is not name brand, our home is modest, our vehicles are always bought used, and our needs are ALWAYS met!  God ALWAYS provides and we are content!  We have learned to live within our means, however big or small they may be and we make it work!

Staying home with my children is not a sacrifice to me.  I am completely content going without what the world would see as necessities.  Why?  Because what I have the opportunity to do cannot be bought with money.  When will we realize that wealth really has nothing to do with finances?

My seven year old asked me one day if we were rich or poor.  Oh honey, we are RICH!!  We have what so many are chasing after in all the wrong places.  Many view money as their way to happiness instead of God and they chase the dollar their entire life!  Yet, if they would just stop chasing and turn to Christ they would find all of their needs met far beyond just financial.  God has blessed us with peace and harmony in our home!  He has gifted my husband and I with a wonderful relationship, He has blessed us with meeting all of our needs and then some!

I could go out and get a job outside of the home, it would add cushioning to our bank account quicker, but for our family it would mean we would lose so much more than we would gain.  Building fiscal wealth is the only thing we would gain and in our family it is not worth it.  Investing my life into the life of my children is worth more than any corporation could pay me.  I refuse to hand my children over to someone else to raise when the Lord has gifted them to my husband and I to raise.  I will forgo the added fiscal wealth and instead will stay home and raise my children with Christian values.  Why would I teach my children that money is more important to me than time with them is?  That is exactly the message I would be sending to them because I know that God has called me to stay home with them.  They are young for only so long and I want to soak in as much of their younger years and teen years as possible!  Money cannot give me time back with them!

Can I be so blunt as to also say, I have seen how the “village” raises children and I politely say “no, thank you”.

So if this is not the choice this particular politician wants to see Americans make, I will make no apologies.  I’m a stay at home mama who works hard, prays hard, and thrives in my home!  I would not have it any other way!  Keep your money potential jobs outside of my home, I choose my children and I will always choose them over making a dollar any day.

*Note: This is in no way meant to hurt feelings of those Mama’s who do work outside of the home.  Please notice that I mentioned this is what is right for our family.  I realize that some Mama’s do have to work outside of the home, this is simply about our choice for our family.

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