The Mama considering abortion

The Mama considering abortion

The other night I was reading a few things on the internet when an article I came across caused my heart to break instantly.  I couldn’t even get passed the title, I turned the internet off and just cried.  Literally grieving over the story.

I shared with my husband the title of the article and asked him if he had heard about it.  He enjoys reading the news so he had already read it and I just shared with him as tears streamed down my face, “My heart is so broken, I cannot even imagine how grieved the heart of God is.”

As we talked I became more and more compelled to pray.

I’m sure most of you have read the article by now, a letter that an expectant mother wrote to her baby.  The article was entitled, “Sorry, Not Sorry” and her letter is all about how she is planning to abort her baby this coming week.

I do not understand the world we live in.

I eventually did go back and read the letter and with every word I read I was more grieved and more compelled to pray!  Pray like never before for this sweet innocent baby who has a death sentence given to him/her by the one who should love him/her the most on this earth!

I told my husband, “I cannot just sit here and do nothing!  I can pray and I am going to try and find her and reach out to her!”  So I did just that.  I hopped back online and searched.  Praying for wisdom as I did.  Praying, “God, please lead me to her!”

I found the origin of her letter and discovered I could not reach out to her without creating an account with the website she used.  So that is just what I did.  As soon as the account was set up I commented on her letter and sent an e-mail through the website to her.  Pleading with her to reconsider her decision and offering myself to take her unwanted baby in and love and raise this baby.  A huge step of faith, a huge opening of our family’s heart, but completely worth it!!   “Please, I plead with you, reconsider! Let my husband and I have a chance at giving this sweet baby a wonderful life!”

My heart is heavy but God can still intervene!  I know she is not certain she is doing the right thing because her screen name was “scaredthrowingaway”.

As I scrolled through some of the comments both on the website and the comments on other websites related to this article I was saddened on a few different levels.  I was saddened first of all at the acceptance of abortion.  This baby was not planned and because of that the world is showering this young mom with praise for doing what she feels is best for her and take the life of her child.  The weight of this deed is so heavy and yet I know that this has happened millions of times over again.  I only see a tiny corner of the world and it grieves me, imagine the heart of God!  He sees all of it!  The long-suffering and mercy of God overwhelms me.

I was also saddened because many commentators were bashing this woman.  What does hateful speech accomplish?  I am completely against the decision of this woman to take the life of her child, but really, hateful speech closes a door that may never be opened again.  This woman needs the Lord, she needs the love of Christ shown to her, even though she is considering this awful decision.

Children are such a gift.  I think of this baby being carefully knitted together in her mama’s womb at this very moment, a baby who has purpose!  A baby whose life needs to be spared!  What a treasure he/she is!

It is my prayer that the Lord works in this young mother’s heart.  I know I have an enemy against me, an enemy that will try and distract her from reading my letter to her, but God is so much bigger and so much more powerful!  He can still work a miracle!  Whether this mom reaches back to me or not, it is my prayer that someone around her reaches out to her with the love of Christ!  It is my prayer that a fellow believer in Christ can see past the decision she is contemplating so that the Lord has a chance to use them to minister to her and Lord willing change her heart.

Time is not in our favor, so pray!  Call out to God on behalf of this little life and his/her mama!  Both are important and valuable to God!

The easy thing to do with abortion is to bash the mother’s who contemplate and follow through with getting one.  The hard thing is to open our own hearts and be willing to help a mama contemplating this decision and help redirect her to God.  Our words are meaningless, but God’s Word’s are powerful!  God WANTS to answer our prayers!  So plead with Him on behalf of these little ones whose lives are in grave danger.  Get involved!  Find a pregnancy center and see how the Lord will work in and through you to reach out to these mother’s who are often scared and don’t know what to do.

It is my hope and prayer this mama reads my message to her.  My hope and prayer is that this baby’s life is spared.  Pray fellow believers, pray for this baby and the millions of  others whose lives are in jeopardy!  Help end abortion on your knees calling out to God and by supporting your local Crisis pregnancy center!

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