The Gift of Marriage

The Gift of Marriage

MeandChadMy husband and I have been married now for just shy of ten years.

Those years have been the most adventurous years I have ever had!

The day we said, “I do” was the beginning of an incredible journey, one I am SO thankful to share with him!

When we say our wedding vows we never really know what the future holds, we just know that for as long as we both shall live we want to be side by side.

So what is the secret to a truly happy marriage?


Does that sound clicheish?  Well, in my most honest opinion, it really is the truth!

A marriage built on physical appearance alone, let’s be honest, it isn’t going to last!  Our physical side changes every year, sometimes every month!  Little gray hairs have begun to sprout on my once very brunette head and I do my best to cover those babies up because I am just not ready to face to them yet 😉  Our physique changes.

If marriage is built on emotion and hormones, that relationship is going to crumble as well.  Let’s face it, ladies, our emotions change sometimes minute by minute!  Can I get a witness?  Not to mention, our hormones change as well.

A relationship built on money is going to fall flat.  A relationship built on selfishness is going to fade away.

Look around. Families are shattered everywhere we turn.  What is going wrong?

Many in my generation have given up on marriage all together because they don’t want to go through divorce so they simply live together with their significant other.  They play house but don’t want to be adult enough to be committed and believe the lies Satan feeds them that every marriage ends up in divorce anyway so why even marry?  Does that sound harsh?  I’m not trying to be ugly, but sometimes the truth spoken in love will still hurt.

There is no magical formula for living a happily ever after.  We ALL face trials and troubles.  We ALL face discouragement.  There really is no Cinderella story where once we marry the perfect mate for us we no longer face setbacks or trials.

However, the foundation to a truly joyful and lasting marriage must be founded on Christ.  As we each strive to draw closer to Him we find ourselves drawing closer to our husband/wife.  God is for marriage, marriage as defined in God’s Word, between one man and one woman for life.  What God is for, Satan is against, that is why we see Satan feeding lies, worming his way into marriages, working his way into the lives of young people and feeding them lies about not needing the commitment of marriage to make them happy.

When I stood before my husband in a beautiful white dress nervous as all get out and with tears choking me up, I had no idea that in our marriage we would face the twists and turns we have.  Yet, for as long as we both shall live, was a vow we made to each other and to God.  I stand before God in holy matrimony guilt free!  If I let my joy be found in Christ I in turn get to live in joy with my husband!  Marriage vows are serious business, but they are meant to last and they WILL last when the marriage is secure in Christ alone.

My husband cannot bring the contentment that Christ can.  My husband cannot give me the peace that God can.  My husband cannot fill my heart with joy like God can.  Do you know why?  Because he was not meant to fill a role in my life that only God can fill!  I adore my husband and I am so thankful to have him in my life and get to spend every day with him!  Yet, I cannot try to get from him something he was never meant to give me!  If my mind is stayed on Christ, if my heart is focused on Christ, if my life is founded on Christ, my marriage will be amazing!

I will enjoy the fruits of having a life centered on Christ!  A joyful marriage, a happy home!

This man I have the privilege of walking through life with is one amazing man!  He is so faithful, so consistent, so amazing and I count my blessings that he chose me to be his forever bride!  What an incredible gift God gave us when he gave us marriage!  A beautiful picture of Christ and His church.  We truly have so much to thank Him for!


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