Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk

I’m about to bring up a controversial topic.  I know that I am opening myself up to face some opposition, but it’s something that is heavy on my heart and I just have to share it.

About a year ago the Lord really impressed upon my heart to begin volunteering at a local crisis pregnancy center. I knew that where we were living at the time we would not be there long because we were in between ministries.  So I promised the Lord that once we got settled somewhere I would begin volunteering.

Several months ago the Lord reminded me of that commitment I made to Him and He led me to our local crisis pregnancy center.  I was nervous.  Oh boy, it was putting me waaaay outside of my comfort zone but I was also excited!  What a ministry opportunity was before me!  To know that I could help expectant mama’s choose LIFE for their coming baby was a joy for sure!

So I called the clinic, filled out the paper work, went in for an interview and began my training.  The training was intense, the videos opened my eyes to a different perspective.  Some of these new mother’s were in really really tough spots and though I do not agree at all that abortion is right, sometimes they feel that it is their only option.  They are in need of someone to come along side them and share the love and encouragement of Christ with them.  They CAN have this baby and they can either raise the baby or give their baby to a family that would LOVE to have a baby of their own!

When I began my training I discovered that our clinic was actually in a real financial crisis.  They were bleeding money because not enough was coming in from supporters.  How sad is it that our crisis pregnancy centers are practically having to beg for financial support but planned parenthood has money flowing in?

Another thing I discovered is that many many of the volunteers are not of our same belief system.  The majority of volunteers come from the local Catholic church and it made my heart sad.  I am SO thankful that they are helping to save lives, but how sad that more people from local churches that I know follow the same beliefs I do are not volunteering.

It is easy to speak about how awful abortion is, but it is not so easy to actually put oneself outside of their comfort zone to get involved and try to help end this awful deed. It is easy to judge the young girls, the unwed expectant mothers who find themselves contemplating taking a life to make their own easier, but it is another to realize that our sins are just as heinous.

James 2:10, “For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.”

According to Scripture, if we lie, steal, covet we are guilty of breaking all of the commandments.  I know that we live in grace and are not bound by the law of the Old Testament, but sometimes I feel we use our grace as an excuse to do NOTHING.  Since our salvation is not by works, why do we need to get involved?

James 2:18, “Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.”

Our works will show that Christ is within us!  If we are right with Christ, if we are constantly growing in Christ then we will be actively involved in trying to reach out to the lost!  We will go out and try to bring them to Christ!  Not by judging them, but by showing them the same love that Christ has shown to us!

I am not saying “come as you are leave as you came” or that we should accept the sin, but that we are extending the same grace to them that Christ has showered on us.

Remember, while we were yet sinners Christ died for us! Romans 5:8

I challenge you, my readers, what are you doing to help save the lives of these innocent babies who are being bullied and tortured in the womb?  Should there not be even more Christians reaching out to these mother’s who are contemplating abortion and point them back to the One who can save both them and their baby?  There should be twice as many Christians reaching out to save the babies then there are the world that is trying to kill them.

Reaching out not in judgement, not filled with hate speech, but showering the love of Christ on them.

So I challenge you, think about what are you and I doing to reach out to these expectant mothers?  If you yourself cannot go and volunteer, then give of your finances!  Prayer is awesome, we need to pray that abortion ends, but sometimes God wants us to put feet to those prayers!  He wants us to get outside of our comfort zone, be a willing vessel and watch HIM work in and through us all for His glory!

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