It’s Done!

It’s Done!

It is hard to believe that I can honestly write this but it’s true!  My first ever book is done!  Thousands of words typed out and hours upon hours eaten up on the computer, but Lord willing it will all be worth it!  Now I am sure that more edits will have to be made especially once I find a publisher but praise the Lord the story is written!

I truly desire to use this book as a means to help and encourage women especially those who have experienced loss.

Here is a tiny sneak peak at the first chapter!

“Learning to praise God through life’s trials can sometimes be nothing short of difficult!  It can be quite the challenge to praise the Lord for the trial we are enduring which He has allowed us to go through.  They are not something we enjoy, yet trials are certainly needful in our lives.   Most often during our hard times is when we have the opportunity to learn much more about our great and loving God we would not have otherwise learned!  When our faith is stretched we can be confident that the Lord is close by and will not abandon us in our time of need.

Choosing to praise the Lord through life’s trials is a choice God’s children have to make.  We are all faced with the decision to either allow God to use our difficulties to help refine us and draw us ever closer to His side or some choose to turn the opposite direction and run from His loving arms.  Philippians 4:4 admonishes us,
“Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.”

For those that grew up in a Christian home this verse was probably one of the first Bible verses learned as a child.  It was even put to music and sung in Sunday school as a round!  A fun and peppy song to sing, but the truth is rejoicing in the Lord always, as the verse says, isn’t necessarily easy.  We have our own plans and dreams of what we want our life to be like and trials never seem to fit into the plans we make.

Though most of us would deny it, the majority of us want more than anything to have a fairytale life.  It starts from the time we are children.  As little girls we enjoyed dressing up in fancy dresses and when we looked in the mirror instead of seeing what we really looked like our imaginations ran wild.  We saw a beautiful princess in need of a prince!  Some of us were even lucky enough to have a brother we begged and pleaded with to play the role of our prince charming.  The only way we could convince him to play was if we promised never to tell a soul that he had been a part of such nonsense!

As we grew up those fancy dresses were packed away, we were too old to play with such childish things.  Instead we began teasing our hair and searching for just the right outfit and some were hopeful to catch the eye of the boy they were infatuated with for that week.  Just like our childhood though, before we knew it high school came and went and now we look back on those days with fond memories and laughter about all the drama that can accompany our teen years.  As we waved good-bye to our best of friends and said hello to college life, the dream to find prince charming was in the forefront of many young girls’ minds.

Back when I was sixteen I remember having a conversation with my mom about how I only wanted to date the guy I was going to marry.   Though I had a few dates at college I just had not met “Mr. Right” yet and when I would complain to my mom about the many dateless nights I had, she would remind me of the conversation we had back when I was in high school.  Instead of dating around I made some great girlfriends and we did most everything together!  I also kept adding entries into the journal I had started for my future husband along with praying fervently for him, whoever he was.

I met my prince charming my senior year of college.  Chad called me up one day out of the blue and asked me to meet him for dinner.  Though I tried with all my heart to play it cool, my heart was pounding so hard I was certain he could hear it through the phone.  Throughout the course of the next year and a half we became the best of friends and our love for each other grew immensely.  After one of our very first conversations I remember calling my mom and informing her that this man was “the one” for me.  There was such a peace in my heart and I just knew he was it for me for as long as we both shall live.”

Want to read more?  I’ll be sure to let you know when it comes out 😉

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  1. Love reading a bit from your book! Congratulations on finishing! Praying the process of getting it published goes moothly. Reading what God has done in your life is going to bless so many. I can’t wait to read it!!

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