A Grateful Heart

A Grateful Heart

A few months before I was married, my soon to be husband and I were able to attend a seminar on the home.  I have always been eager to attend such conferences because I want to learn all I can on being a better Christian, woman, wife and mama!  I remember heading into the ladies session and as I looked around I realized I was surrounded by women twice my age or more.  I sat there feeling a bit out of my element but hungry to learn!

The speaker was a lady I greatly admired.  The wife of a Pastor who most would consider successful and she and her husband always seemed to be so in love and joyful!  They had been married for many years, were in the process of raising three almost grown boys and she had me feeding out of her hand!

As she began sharing what was on her heart I scribbled notes in a journal I had brought as quickly as my hand could write!  I did not want to miss one thing that she said.  There are a few things that have stuck with me since that conference and one in particular that the Lord has brought to mind many many times.

Our speaker warned the women in the room that Satan’s goal was to destroy their marriages.  Because God is for marriage obviously Satan is against it!  One of the ways marriages can be destroyed is choosing to not be thankful for the husband/wife God has given by letting the little things get to us.

She began sharing a story about how one day she was just tired of picking up after her husband. He was not a slob by any means, but somehow his socks managed to rarely find their way to the hamper.  Every day she would pick up his socks and put them in the hamper.  Why was it so hard for him to not put them there himself?  She was not throwing her husband under the bus, she was setting the stage to share what God was about to teach her.

Later in the week she had met up with a friend for lunch and she was sharing her frustration over her husband’s lack of care for placing his clothing in the hamper when her friend, a single woman, said quietly, “I would love to have the task of taking care of socks that belong to someone else because those socks would remind me that I had someone in my home to take care of.”

Not the exact response she was looking for, but the Lord used that moment to teach her about being thankful, even for dirty socks left on the floor.

Now I have yet to meet someone who is thrilled about picking up dirty laundry that belongs to someone else, but what a wonderful lesson this dear pastors wife shared with all of us.  We have so much to be thankful for!  Yes, even the dirty laundry.

Some days I get caught up in the frenzy of “the laundry is never caught up!” and I can get irritated that there are toys scattered on the floor, grass sprinkled throughout the house because of children forgetting to take their shoes off when they come in the door, dishes that can pile up quickly, sticky floors, closets that never seem to stay organized, drawings on the walls and floors, stickers clinging to things they should not be stuck to etc.  It is easy to become ungrateful isn’t it?

However, there is even MORE that we have to be thankful FOR!

Loads of dirty laundry mean I have a family to care for. Grass inside my house means I have children who are healthy and can run around outside!  Dirty dishes mean we have food to eat.  Sticky floors remind me yet again that the Lord has blessed our family with food to eat, apple juice to drink and melting Popsicles to enjoy!  Unorganized closets mean we have towels to use, tablecloths to grace our table with, clothing for winter, and decorations to put out each season!  Drawings on the walls and floors (though we are teaching our youngest that drawings are to be on paper) and Disney stickers all over mean we have a healthy and happy toddler who loves colors and pretty things and maybe will one day be an artist! 🙂

The truth is we have a choice to make each day.  To be thankful or ungrateful.

The will of God for us each and every day is this: 1 Thessalonians 5:18 “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Personally, I think today is the perfect day to choose thankfulness!  Don’t let anything steal your heart of gratitude!  Look for things to be thankful for and your heart will certainly be blessed!

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