Dear Fellow Christians

Dear Fellow Christians

Has your heart been as moved as mine has as we have all heard and read about what is going on in the middle east? Lamentations 3:51a says, “Mine eye affecteth mine heart”. Tears have poured from my eyes as I have read of the turmoil over there. My heart is heavy, my heart is burdened! I told my husband just this evening, “I can’t watch any more! My heart just cannot handle it!” My eye has definitely affected my heart. I constantly have to give these burdens over to the Lord because my shoulders are not strong enough or big enough to handle the weight of it.

Knowing that my brothers and sisters in Christ are suffering in such a way all because of their belief in the ONE TRUE GOD leaves me speechless and grief stricken. Their faith is the reason for it all.

Here I sit in my comfortable home, no persecution am I facing and I feel a twinge of guilt over that. Why God has allowed the persecution to rage in another part of the world and not shown HIS might can be baffling. Could it be that He is just waiting for the real Christians to begin knocking on the doors of Heaven over and over and over petitioning the gate of Heaven for God to show Himself? Really, are we READY for Him to show Himself?

I sit in my church seat every time the doors are opened and as I glance around the auditorium I wonder, “Where are the Christians?” It is easy to claim the name of Christ, it is easy to call oneself a “Christian” it is much much harder to actually BE one! I am not saying church attendance is ones salvation, I am not saying church is what gets one to Heaven, that is by faith alone through grace alone in Christ. However, where are the ones that have claimed the name of Christ? Why is it that we can use the “exhaustion” excuse so easily? Why is it that we can use the “I just don’t feel like it” excuse so commonly? Why? When others are being persecuted for their faith why do we not take advantage of the FREEDOM we have to worship publicly and corporately? Where are the Christians?

Does persecution really have to come to our home front before we willingly and hurriedly get our relationship with Christ where it needs to be and get ourselves to church to hear desperately from God’s Word? Is it because we have never had to listen desperately to God’s Word that we lack in faithfulness to Him? Have we been given so much freedom that now we sit in our gluteny with it and really don’t care as much about God as we claim to?

When I turn on my computer screen and check my facebook updates my newsfeed is swimming with “end the trend” of obesity and “change the world by eating organic” and while all that is good, we need to take care of our bodies. I cannot tell you the last time I saw a post about “End the trend of lazy Christians!” Probably because it has not been posted…. it would probably result in losing friends and offending others, which really it should be more of a wake up call and a conviction to us all!

I am not sitting here feeling pious. Rather, I share with you from the outpouring of what Christ has been stirring in my heart. He has been doing a work in my own heart and it has been breaking my heart! What am I doing to feed the fire of Christ in my life? What am I doing to really help someone else catch on fire for Christ? What am I doing to help fan the flame to get that fire really raging?

Christians, it is high time to GET UP and DO something for Christ that puts us outside of our comfort zones! Let’s get vulnerable! Let’s get the WORD the TRUTH the LIFE out to a lost and dying world! GIVE the GIFT of LIFE to someone, TELL them about Christ! Get in church, and don’t just get in there, get involved!! Search for ways to be a blessing to others! It is time to stop being a couch potato Christian and start really living like one! If Christ was living in our homes, what would we do differently? If He was a guest in our home would we be at church more faithfully? Would we share Him with others more willingly? If we truly believe He is Omnipresent then friends, He is HERE! He sees our laziness. He sees how lukewarm we are and the honest fact is He wants to spew us out of His mouth! Revelation 3:16 tells us so…. “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”

Has your eye been affecting your heart? Then don’t keep sitting on the couch, get up and DO something!

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