Our Worth

Our Worth

What is in a name?

When my husband and I are expecting a baby it is always fun to go back and forth with names that we think would be good possibilities for our coming little one.  Sometimes I would throw out a name and my husband would say, “Oh no!  I knew someone named that and they were not a nice person”.  And vice versa, he would toss out a name he thought would work and I would have known someone with that name and I could never have a child with the same name!

Names mean something, don’t they?  They often hold our reputation because when our names are mentioned it brings to mind either good or bad thoughts into the mind of the person thinking it.

Currently I am reading a book and in it the author mentioned that God has a name for each of us.  That kind of blew me away!  I wondered, “What is the name that God would give to me?”  In God’s eyes we hold value, worth.  In the eyes of our loving Father we are more precious than life itself!

Satan would have us believe we have no worth and far to often than I care to admit, I have felt that way.  Our words are powerful and to hear others slander our name or try to throw a bad connotation when our name is brought up can be incredibly hurtful.  Especially when  you know that what is being said is completely untrue.

Our enemy, Satan, would rather us feel like a failure, no good, of no value, worthless because he knows the Truth, God.  He revels in knowing that when others cast stones at us instead of bouncing off of us, those stones/words often pierce our hearts and can crush our spirit.   I will never understand why believers often are the first to cast a stone, some it would seem take great pleasure in watching others fall.  How sad it is that those who are supposed to be our brothers and sisters in Christ would be more cruel than the world is at times.   I love the passage in Isaiah 43 where God is talking to Israel reminding them that they are not to fear for HE has redeemed them, HE has called them by their name, they are HIS!  He LOVES them!

Do you remember that pet project you had to put together when you were in school?  Maybe an art project or something for a science fair?  You poured hours into that puppy and if ANYONE (especially that younger sibling) even breathed on it you thought “Off with their head!”  Right?  Why?  Because it was your creation!  You put thought into it, you spent hours working on it, it was YOURS, it held great value to you because it was your creation!

A poor example indeed when comparing Christ’s love for us, but that is similar to how we are to Christ.  It didn’t take Him hours to create us, all He did was speak us into existence!  We are His creation though, His masterpiece!  He has placed great value on us as His children!

Oftentimes when others try to slander us our first gut reaction is to defend ourselves and do you know how difficult it is to not defend yourself when you know what is being said is untruth?  To simply remain quiet takes an extreme amount of self-control and asking God to keep a guard over your mouth!  As a mom I can be a bit “mother-bearish”.  I have some beautiful children who are utterly precious and so sweet!  I know they are not perfect, but they are something special!!  When one of them has been wronged, when one of them comes to me with tears streaming down their cheeks and a sob caught in their throat my mother-bear comes to life.  I feel like a grizzly has been awakened in my and I am on the hunt to make right what was wronged!

God knows, He sees, He hears, He watches everything that is going on.  He sees the victories, He sees the defeats, He sees the stones that are thrown and the deep hurt they cause and He truly cares about what happens to His children.  He cares so much that He holds all of our tears in a bottle Psalm 56:8.

Take heart, God will set right that which was done wrong.  Vengeance belongs to Him, not to us.  Getting even does not make us equal to or better than someone else.  Casting stones back to the ones who are trying to hurt us does not make things right nor does it add value to us.  God is the One that places value on us and in His time all will be made right.

You are of GREAT price to Him and nothing will change that!   No matter what words are said by another human, no matter what reputation others try to give you, no matter what happens in this life, you are worth SO MUCH to God!!  What great encouragement that brings to my own heart!!

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