This is OUR GOD!

This is OUR GOD!

I have got to just brag on our God for awhile here, do you mind?

As you know, our home has been on the market just over a week.  Yesterday I was feeling a bit down over the fact we hadn’t had a ton of traffic come through our home yet.  It was more like a trickle of people and only one very bad offer.  So yesterday I began praying specifically.  I prayed that God would bring someone through that day who would make an offer.  Off and on I prayed that prayer.  In the late morning our realtor had called and said she wanted to lower the price to try and attract more people.  My heart sank.  I informed her that someone had called and set up a walk-through for the middle of the afternoon so she said she would wait another day or two before officially lowering the price.

I prayed and prayed and texted a few people asking if they would pray for this meeting that afternoon.   About 40 min. before the appointment I got some texts back saying “Praying” and as I mopped the floor I prayed “Okay God, You have said that where two or three are gathered, You are in the midst of them.  I am asking that we would get an offer today.”  About 10 min. later I noticed a car driving slowly by our home, then turned around and parked.  The people began peering in our windows and well, we were here so we OBVIOUSLY saw them looking in. Awkward.  They rang the doorbell and proceeded to tell us that they know they needed an appointment but they had tried to get one and couldn’t get a hold of our realtor.  Would it be okay if they walked through?  Well since they had their realtor with them we decided it would be okay.

They looked through our home and the wife said, “I LOVE the kitchen!” but before they left they said, “Good luck!” so I thought they must not be terribly interested.  Well we left shortly after them because there was another person coming through soon!

That night we hadn’t heard anything and I just kept praying that we would hear something.  Around 9 o’clock our realtor sent me a text saying we had gotten an offer from the couple we had let come one in without any notice.  WAHOO!!  I didn’t get any more details because she said she would call in the morning with the info.

I called her first thing this morning and she shared with us the offer.  The people offered just slightly below our asking price BUT they were willing to pay ALL closing costs, the HOA transfer fee (which ranges from $300-$500) and we really have nothing to pay other than insurance (which is not costly) and our realtor fee.  Oh, and did I mention they were paying CASH?  No dealings with banks so this could move along quickly!  Not to mention, their closing date would be perfect with us.

That is OUR GOD!

I honestly felt like God was saying, “I know this is a tough time I’ve asked you to walk through but I have not forgotten you!  You prayed specifically and I answered!”

There have been many instances throughout these two months now that God has shown us “I haven’t forgotten about you!” and it has helped to only increase my faith.  I couldn’t help but think of the song “Who Am I” this afternoon.  Who am I that God would even answer my prayers?  I fall so short every single day and I always will because of my sinful human nature and yet HE CHOOSES to answer and even delights in answering our prayers!  What a gracious and merciful God!

He is so good all the time!

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