Several years back when my husband and I traveled for missions work, we saw the Lord’s provision (and protection!) in amazing ways.

We would get our bank statement each month and the numbers just didn’t make sense on paper!  We were making so little money and yet each month we managed to either stay the same financially or we got a tiny bit ahead.

It has been that way all through our married life really.  Working in ministry, we don’t make a lot, but we make enough and it is ALWAYS neat to see how the Lord will provide.  Not even just financially, but other ways as well.

Why I sometimes still struggle with doubt and even trusting God when it comes to needs (and maybe some wants) we have I don’t know.  I mean, you would think by now I would totally be a believer beyond a doubt!!

How has the Lord provided?

Oh, I could share story after story!  One way He has provided is by allowing our vehicles (which we use allll the time) to keep running without any major problems.  The vehicle we got rid of just about a year and half ago was pushing 200k miles and the only problem we had with it was the ac going out.  Even then, one of our supporting churches stepped in and completely covered the cost!  We could tell the vehicle was planning on giving up the ghost soon so we looked and looked and dickered and the Lord provided us with a perfectly good used vehicle for us at a low cost.

Another instance, just last Christmas we weren’t really sure how we were going to be able to afford Christmas gifts for our kids.  Not a huge thing really, but it meant a lot to me to be able to get our kids some things.  The week before Christmas we were handed gift cards to ToysRUs and BabiesRUs that were more than enough to give our kids gifts (along with others) on Christmas.

The Lord’s provision has been amazing really.

This past spring we became debt free and not long after that we found out we were expecting.  We have insurance, but you know how it can be with deductibles and all.  Well, we began getting bills in the mail from all the tests and appointments I’ve had.  Which is a lot!  My husband and I had several conversations about these bills and though we did not want to go into debt, even medically, we know it is for a good cause.  We both said, “All of these mean we have a healthy baby on the way and it is SO worth it!” and we left it at that.  We’d make payments and eventually the debt would be taken care of.

Yesterday we got GREAT news.  Our medical bills are going to be covered 100% for this baby and me.  Seriously.  WOW.

Sometimes God’s provision is not in allowing us to become wealthy, but rather it is in Him just taking care of our needs and many times it is in ways we would never expect.  Honestly, we hadn’t spent much time praying about this new medical debt, we’ve spent more time praying for a beautiful healthy baby than we have about money.  Yet, God in HIS goodness, saw fit to provide anyway.  Wow.  That is how good and generous our God is.

I’ve been reading this certain blog for a few years now and right now the author and some of her family are over in India on a missions trip.  She has posted numerous photos of the people, their *homes* (if you can call them that), and things that she is learning.  I was telling my husband about it last night and my mind has continually been pondering, “I have been blessed!  I have SO MUCH in comparison to these other people and STILL they constantly smile.”  The people they are ministering to would probably even tell you they have been blessed, and how humbling is that to my own heart?

We have a great God who sees all of us and all of our needs all over the world, and if we are seeking Him and following Him, He will provide and meet our needs simply because He takes pleasure in doing so because He loves us more than life itself.  Matthew 7:11

I just had to take this time to brag on my God a little bit.  He is SO good even though I am very undeserving and I am very thankful that He is MY God!

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