How far along?  FIVE months!! Wahoo!

Feeling: Been feeling pretty good.  Morning sickness is beginning to end (praise the Lord!) and I have some energy in the morning and in the evenings if I rest in the afternoon.  Even though we have come up to the week when we lost our stillborn, my heart is still so confident in the Lord that He is answering our prayer.  Not worried, simply trusting. 

Maternity clothes:  Definitely wearing maternity bottoms…. people still keep telling me “You don’t even look pregnant!” which makes me wonder if I look like I feel…. like I’m just getting wider! 🙂

Sleep: I’m sleeping better than I was a few weeks back thankfully!!

Food cravings: Nothing currently. This pregnancy is weird like that… I don’t crave something most days like I have in the past.  Something might sound good one day, but it might sound awful the next day.  Weird! 

Movement? Thankful to be feeling kicks and flips!  They are getting stronger!  My hubby really wants to be able to feel the movements, but every time he tries to the baby stops moving!  Little stinker 🙂 

What I miss?  Hmmmmm, nothing at the moment.  

Best moment this week: Having some alone time over the weekend 🙂  I LOVE my kids, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little quiet too! 

What I’m looking forward to: Holding our baby in my arms!!

Next Appointment: August 6th!  It is my anatomy scan and my hubby and I are going to make a date of it since my mom will be here.  We get to go on a DATE!!!   I’m super excited to have some alone time with my man!!

Milestones:  Well, baby is supposed to be the size of a Mango and can suck his/her thumb.  The baby can also hear us which is fun!  The kids love talking to the baby and it is so sweet 🙂  They are both very excited to add a new family member to our family! 

CAN’T WAIT to see our baby 🙂  


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