Baby Update

Baby Update

A few days ago I had a Dr. appointment and though I was nervous as all get out waiting and waiting for the Dr. I was SO thankful for the good news we were given!  My Doctors office is actually pretty great about not having to wait forever to see the Dr…. unless of course you really just want to get right in and hear your baby’s heartbeat and THAT’S when it seems to take FOR-EVER!  🙂  Isn’t that how it always goes?

My mind was all over the place (I often think like a plate of spaghetti looks…. my thoughts are just as jumbled and all over the place like a plate of pasta, but it all makes sense to me 🙂 ) and I kept repeating verses to myself in my mind to try and keep my spirit calm.

The Doctor came in and after talking for several minutes it was time to take a listen.  As soon as I laid back I felt a little kick inside and I was so thankful for that kick!  Soon I could hear the heartbeat of my baby along with the heartbeat of mine on the doppler.  It was so incredible to hear those two heartbeats beating together 🙂  I’ve heard it before, but it never gets old!

Baby is still doing perfectly well and we could not be more thrilled!

We are quickly approaching the week where we lost our stillborn son Eli and if I let my thoughts get away from me I can really begin to fear and panic.  Yet, when my mind is stayed on Christ, my heart is completely at peace.  (Is. 26:3)

We are SO thankful for a great update and it is beginning to seem *real*!  Like this is really going to happen!  In just a few months we will have our baby in our arms!  Excited doesn’t even seem to be the right word to describe how we feel.  Incredibly thankful and blessed is definitely near the top of how we feel!

Thought you might enjoy seeing a comparison of how big our baby is this coming week 🙂  To think that our baby started out so microscopically small and is now nearly 5 inches long and gaining weight is incredible!  How Great is our God!  I am so thankful that the life of this baby is in the hands of the Lord!  We have definitely been blessed!

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  1. I hadn’t been on to see you in a while but I knew you were pregnant again and I have been praying for you so I just so happened to think that I needed to look at your page again to see how it’s going! I praise the Lord with you! May the Lord bless you and allow you to feel your little one in your arms soon!

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