Happy 3rd Birthday to our Mini Man!

Happy 3rd Birthday to our Mini Man!

Dear Mini Man,

Where do I even begin?  How these three years went so fast I do not know.  Your baby days seemed to just fly by!!  I clearly remember when and where I was when we found out you were on the way.  We were in California visiting our former college Pastors church and I just had a feeling…. I was awake at 5 in the morning and I crept out of the bedroom and took a test.  Sure enough, there you were 🙂  I went in and woke up your daddy, I couldn’t wait!!  He was SO excited and we spent the next several minutes crying and praying for you.

The next several months went much faster than my pregnancy with your sister!  You were ALWAYS in my ribs but your labor was much faster than your sisters so I forgave you 😉

The moment you were placed in my arms, oh man, the love I had for you in my womb just went to the moon and back a bazillion times!  I love you HUGE!  You were full of smiles and eager to move as a baby.  Your sister was so wonderful with you and always wanted to help…. even though at times her *helping* meant her putting your life at risk 🙂  I mean, seriously, anytime you were on the floor she wanted to try and pick you up because you hated being on your tummy!

I wish there were enough words in the world to tell you how much I love you.  Words just don’t seem to do justice.  You have grown to be such a big boy and you have stretched me as a Mommy for sure.  You are stubborn….. very stubborn.  But you are also so very sweet.  You have a gentle spirit when you want to and I adore it!  You give the best hugs and kisses and I love that after you wash your face and hands after a meal you come up to show me your face is *clean enough to kiss* 🙂

Right now you are CRAZY about Spiderman and all things super heroes.  You also LOVE this toy you call your swordfight, which is a soldier type of guy.  He goes with you pretty much everywhere!  Cars and squinkies are also very high on your favorite toy list and there is never a moment when you are without a fist full of some kind of toy!  At night when I check on you I often have to pry little cars out of your hands while you are sleeping.


Your Daddy loves you so much too.  He enjoys wrestling with you and teaching you all about *Man things*.  You guys go out to the *Man Store* known as Lowes and you love it!  You adore your Daddy and always want to play with him and be at his side.  I couldn’t think of a better man for you to look up to. Your daddy, he is a great and godly man!

Mini Man, you are such a blessing in our lives!  Though you can try our patience with your stubbornness, there is not a day that goes by where we don’t pray for you, thank the Lord for you, plead with the Lord to save your soul at a young age, and also realize that God is going to use your independence for His glory one day if you allow Him too.

Always strive to do right.  Always look to the Lord.  Always point others to Him.  Always know that no matter what the day brings, you are forever and always LOVED and CHERISHED by your Mommy and Daddy.  We are BLESSED to have you in our family!  We are blessed to have been chosen by God to raise you for HIM.  What a sweet gift from the Lord you are!

I adore you sweet boy.  Happy 3rd Birthday to you!!

With much love,







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