The beginning of our Happily Ever After pt. 3

The beginning of our Happily Ever After pt. 3

Over the next several weeks Chad and I enjoyed many dates.  We talked about everything under the sun and I found out those weeks ago when my roommates said my phone would keep ringing but I’d have no messages?  Ya, that was Chad 🙂  He kept calling my voicemail just to hear my voice.  Now isn’t that sweet?  Also he told me that the reason he had waited nearly a week to call me was because of some *advice* from one of his buddies.  He didn’t want to appear desperate….. Guys 😉

For my birthday he and another good friend of ours planned a date off campus (which was a big deal!) at a Mexican restaurant.  The thoughtfulness in his planning was so very sweet!   Later on my actual birthday we had a dinner date planned.  We went to the restaurant there on campus and before the night was over Chad said, “I have something that I want to tell you.”

“Yes?” I waited……

He got all shy and grabbed a napkin.  He began to write something on it but he wouldn’t let me see.  When he was done writing he slid the napkin over to me and waited for my response.

I read the napkin, but then said, “What does it say?”

“I love you”, he said shyly 🙂

Awwwwww!  Melted in a puddle is where I was!

He then asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I agreed!

We ended up graduating that semester but were separated all summer because he was working at his church in his home state and I was working at a youth camp as a counsellor out in Colorado.

Can I tell you just how sweet my guy is?

Not a day went by that I didn’t get mail from him.  Seriously.  He told me when we parted ways for the summer that he was going to write me every day and he actually did!  It was SO sweet.  I still have all those letters and notes.  He even drew me a picture of us from graduation that he had framed and mailed it to me.  Seriously, SO SWEET!

As the months went on I moved to his home state and lived with his grandparents while I taught preschool at a day care.  Chad was working at his dad’s company and also helping out at church.

At Christmas we flew to my home and my family got to meet him.  Let me back up a second, before Chad asked me if we could date he actually called my Dad and asked for his permission.  I thought for sure that he would break up with me after that because my dad could be VERY intimidating!  He didn’t though, but actually started writing letters to my parents so they could get to know him as well.  Is he a keeper or what?!

While at my home there was a day where I thought he was acting very odd.  We had gone out shopping in the big city for the day and I was getting nervous.  Was he beginning to change his mind about us?  Was he going to break up with me?  I mentioned it to my mom and she passed it off as “Maybe he is tired”.

There was just something nagging in my mind though. I knew Chad, and I knew this was not his norm.  What was up?

To be continued……

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