The beginning of our Happily Ever After pt. 2

The beginning of our Happily Ever After pt. 2

I couldn’t be quiet any longer.  I had a DATE!  It was time to be excited and I had to tell my best friend!

“AMBER!” I tried to whisper but am sure it came out much louder than that…..

My friend looked at me a little fuzzy, “Yes?” she asked.

Feeling a bit giddy I said, “You are not going to believe what just happened!”

Her interest perked  a bit more, “What?”

Partly jumping up and and down I said, “I have a DATE!” Eeeek!!  (Yes, I believe squealing was involved 🙂 )

Amber hopped off the top bunk and joined in my excitement.  Now let me share with you, Amber was my closest friend and felt more like a sister.  She is just one of those friends who “gets me” and I get her.  I appreciate her friendship dearly and she has always been a true friend.

Sorry, rabbit trail.

Then came the wondering “What am I going to wear?”  Typical, right?

I also picked up the phone and called my other good friends and said something along the lines of “You have to come with me tonight!”

After church that night, with my heart just a pounding, we all walked into what was called the Commons.  A place where many college students hung out throughout the day but especially in the evenings.

I saw him.  I could take you to the exact table he was sitting at if we were back at college 🙂  My friends and I all shared a glance and we walked over to the table.  He was sitting there without any of his friends.  Ummmm…. I think  I missed something here.  Little did I know he was planning for us to double with mutual friends of ours.  So I wasn’t *supposed* to bring my whole posse of girlfriends with me 🙂  Oops!  Can you imagine what he must have been thinking when four of my closest girlfriends showed up with me? Ha!!  Poor guy!

One by one throughout the evening my friends began to desert me.  When the last one left I was so nervous that I made some excuse to leave shortly after her.  I do remember though how much I enjoyed his company but I didn’t think that he would ever end up calling me.

A day went by.  Three days went by.  No phone call.  Nearly a week came and went and I thought, “Oh well”.

Throughout that week though my roommates kept telling me that my phone would constantly ring while I was out.  Weird.  No messages.

Then on a Saturday afternoon my phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hi, Wendy.  It’s Chad”

Insert heart rate picking up.


Thus ensued a two and a half hour long conversation over the phone.  A conversation that once it ended I quickly dialed my mom and said, “Mom, I’ve met the guy I’m going to marry.  I just know he’s *the one*.” I had never understood how other people would say they just *knew* when they met *the one* they were meant to marry, until now.  It was all crystal clear and the Lord was beginning to answer the prayers I had prayed for so many years.

To be continued……

One thought on “The beginning of our Happily Ever After pt. 2

  1. Isn’t it fun to recount all those memories? Just last week I re-read my blog where I wrote our story out and was laughing and smiling all the way through it! I can’t seem to remember, though… Did you and chad start this before Matt and I? I know I don’t know all the story, sadly, since I was a little preoccupied with my own “happily ever after” story! Looking forward to more! 🙂

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