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Our Tattling Tonuge

Our Tattling Tonuge

Our shoes can say a lot about us, can’t they?  I look at the shoes which belong to my children and many things could be used to describe them.  My son’s shoes are more worn out than my daughters and it tells me that he plays rough and tough!  He is all boy and could care less what his shoes look like! They are just an object that make him run faster and jump higher, right?

My daughter on the other hand, she has many different kinds of shoes.  Her favorite are these blue sparkly ones.  Oh, she takes on a whole different personality when she wears them.  You would seriously think she is royalty the way she walks, the way she holds herself.  Those shoes are taken care of very well because she loves them!

Just as our shoes can describe little bits of our personality, our tongues do as well.

The book of James has much to say about our tongue, either we will let the Holy Spirit control it or it will control us!  It can be used to encourage and bless, or it can be used to throw down and crush the spirit of someone else.

I have heard many a time people say, “Well, I just speak my mind!  I say what I want to now and then later ask for forgiveness.”  Though this may be one persons perception of right, does not make it right.  Our hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9) and if we follow our flesh, of course this is how we will speak.  Plus, if what we are about to say we know will later be cause for asking forgiveness, is it the wisest thing to say it to begin with?

Our tongues say a lot about us.  What we choose to talk about, or should I say who we choose to talk about, is very revealing about the condition of our hearts.  I find it interesting that James describes our tongue as “….full of deadly poison” in chapter 3 verse 8.  James also tells us just previously that no man can control his own tongue so if we can’t control our own tongue, it needs to be under the power of the Holy Spirit.  Choosing to not allow the Holy Spirit to put a filter over our mouths is choosing to willfully sin.  James 4:12, “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good (allowing God to filter our speech), and doeth it not (purpose to not allow God to control our tongue), to him it is sin.”

Let me admit that sometimes I can have a difficult time with this as well.  I think all of us, if we were honest would own up to that.  However, that should not be an excuse to not strive to allow the Holy Spirit to control even our tongues.

A verse that often goes through my head is Proverbs 31:26, “She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.”  Sometimes, in the midst of even a conversation with others, the Holy Spirit reminds me of this verse.  Is what I’m about to say kind?  Is it wise to even open my mouth and say anything?

Just as our tongues can be used to harm, they can also be used for much good!  Have you ever gone through a difficult day and someone called or stopped by and said just the thing you needed to hear?  What they said or wrote to you was just the encouragement you needed to keep plugging forward.  Proverbs 25:11 states, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.”  A word thought out and prayed over can bring so much encouragement to others!

In my own life, I try to purpose to not say something that I will later regret.  Sometimes that means I will be silent though my flesh may want to lash out.  Stopping and thinking about how those words I may want to say will affect the other persons feelings is what oftentimes stops me.  Not to mention the conviction of the Holy Spirit!  Though I tend to be quiet by nature I do want James 1:19 to be a constant reminder in my life.  “Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.”  We have two ears and one mouth on purpose.

Sometimes other people just don’t need to hear us, they want us to hear them!  My prayer is that all of us, as Christians especially, would be more hesitant to lash out and more quick to hear.  To be willing to listen instead of always sharing our opinions.  To be more understanding and compassionate of others feelings and think more of others and less of ourselves.

Life is to short to let our tongue ruin our reputation.  Life is to short to allow our tongue to ruin opportunities to witness.  Life is just to plain short to not allow God to control our tongue because in and of ourselves we lack the power to do so.

The Lord takes our words seriously.  Matthew 12:36-37 is a great reminder that the Lord is listening to all that we say and in the end, He will be the One judging our words.

“But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.”

May we all be more swift to hear and slow to speak!  A challenge for sure, but one worth taking!

Learning from the Word

Learning from the Word

I love it when reading the Word of God it seems to come alive.  I can picture the events taking place in my mind and I just don’t want to put my Bible down but rather finish the story!

I gave up reading “pleasure” books back when I was in college.  I didn’t have much time to read pleasure books when I was in college because of all my other reading and I simply decided that I wouldn’t pick that back up again.  I’m not a fan of romance novels or Sci-fi.  Not that there is anything wrong with all of those books, but they just aren’t for me.  Instead, I decided long ago that if I had the time to sit and read I wanted to take the time to learn how to be a better Christian/Woman/Wife/Mom.  Those kinds of books are my “pleasure” books!

Lately I have been digging into I Samuel.  The true events recorded in that book are so intriguing to me and challenge me to be a better Christian.  For example, last week I was reading in chapter 7 and verse 3 stood out to me.  It says,

“And Samuel spake unto all the house of Israel, saying, If ye do return unto the Lord with all your hearts, then put away the strange gods and Ashtaroth from among you, and prepare your hearts unto the Lord, and serve him only: and he will deliver you out of the hand of the Philistines.”

The phrases, “If ye do return unto the Lord with all your hearts…… he will deliver you out of the hand of the Philistines” really made me think.

Does God have all of my heart all of the time?  Is my whole heart in His hands?  Powerful thought and rather convicting because honestly, the answer for me would be no.  There are some days when I struggle with having daily devotions or don’t spend the day in prayer enough.  Those are the days I tend to struggle the most and find myself repenting at the end of the day asking for forgiveness, again.

The Word of God is so powerful and though it is often convicting, I am thankful that it is.   James chapter 1 talks about the Word of God as being like a mirror, it shows us what we really look like.  Now, when I get up in the morning and look in the mirror, sometimes my appearance could very likely frighten small children!  It takes work to get myself presentable and I am thankful for the mirror because just as the mirror reveals what I need to fix physically, so the Word of God reveals what I need to fix spiritually.  When I read God’s Word it is not meant for me to simply read and say, “Why yes, I do see myself as that person who needs to fix all these things” and then simply walks away doing nothing about it.  No, I need God’s Word to reveal what needs to be worked on and then ask for the Holy Spirit to help me so that I can gain victory over those trouble areas.

I am so thankful that God’s Word is LIVING!  I am so thankful that God’s Word is POWERFUL.  God is just so good to give us His Word and I know it would do me a world of good to be digging deeper into it more often then I do.  If you are looking for a great book in the Bible to read, may I recommend 1 Samuel?  It is a wonderful book filled with parenting advice, promises and blessings, and the rest, well you’ll just have to read for yourself!

Whatever it is you do decide to read, don’t forget to fit in  your daily dose of God’s Word.  It is one book you won’t regret spending time reading!

The Family Altar

The Family Altar

“Alright, it’s time to get ready for bed!” can be heard throughout the house.  The sound of little feet scurrying to the bedroom to get on pajamas accompanied with giggles or chatter can also be heard.

The nightly routine has begun.  Getting ready for bed, brushing their teeth, and then we end the evening with Bible story time.

Daddy sits down on one of the beds and our little ones scramble up beside him so they can get a good look at the pictures!  Those are very important you know 🙂

As Daddy opens the book and begins to read the true stories of legends from long ago my heart prays that these stories would sink deep into the hearts of our children.  That even in their little minds they are storing up these lessons and hiding the Word of God in their hearts.

After we read a Bible story we all sing together as a family.  It may not sound the like the most beautiful thing to someone else, but to me, it is priceless.  Hearing our children sing about Jesus’ love for them, or how great our God is, or even about how if we neglect our Bibles we shrink, but if we read them we GROW, blesses my heart.  Even *children’s* songs can be packed with powerful truth!

We end our family altar time with prayer.  Asking, “Does anyone have a prayer request?” is usually followed by “I DO! I DO!” from two little people.  Hearing their prayer requests lets us know what is heavy on their hearts.  Many people that we know don’t realize how much they are prayed for.  Friends, family, strangers, anyone who has made an impact on our child’s life is fair game to be a prayer request.

Hearing our children pray never ceases to touch my heart.  They pray with such innocence.  No one to impress.  No one to be fearful of. They just talk to the Lord trusting that He is listening.  I love it!

No matter how hard the day, and trust me, we can have doosies, ending the day centered on the Lord as a family does all of us good.  It ends the day on a positive note.  We can all pillow our heads knowing that the issues of the day have been dealt with and we can sleep in peace.  Ps. 4:8 “I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep : for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.”

There really is nothing like the family altar.

Food For Thought

Food For Thought

I read an article over here today and it really made me think.

I really am not a competitive person, but I know that I often compare myself to others and oftentimes I feel like a big fat failure because of it.  As a Christian mom my goal is to raise my children up in the way they should go.  (Prov. 22:6)  Yet sometimes I know that I can get sidelined by many distractions.  The Lord knows that in my heart I yearn to raise children who will one day be adults to love the Lord with every fiber of their being, so why do I allow myself to get carried away by the other pressures life can bring?

“Are we making the right decisions?”, “Are we being to *extreme*?”, “Is home schooling going to be a detriment to our children?”, “How do we raise our children to not be rebellious as teens?”, “Are we *sheltering* to much?”, “Why does it seem like we’re the only ones who feel this way?”

On and on the questions can go round in my brain throughout the day.  I begin to compare myself to other mothers who are doing what seems a *better* job than me and seem to have it all together.  Why do I feel like I am floundering at times?  Why does it seem like my patience can be all to short and some days just forever long?  Why can’t I keep from getting frustrated and always have a sweet tone of voice when dealing with my children? Why doesn’t being like the Proverbs 31 woman come more naturally?

It would really help if when you leave the hospital with your baby that the Dr. says, “Oh, and here’s the instruction manual on how to raise a child to be a respectable, God-fearing adult”, wouldn’t it?  Well, actually, we do.  For Christians, our instruction manual is God’s Word.

Instead of comparing my life and how I raise my children to how other humans, who are just as imperfect as I am, why don’t I compare my parenting to how God explains in His Word?

When making decisions on how we will raise our children we won’t always make the right ones.  That comes with being imperfect humans.  However, if we spend more time bathing those decisions in prayer, we can make decisions with confidence knowing that God will bless. He knows our hearts, He knows we only want what is best and right for our children.  We pray that where we mess up, He will make up the difference.

There will always be others out there with opinions, thoughts, beliefs that differ from ours, but does that really matter?  In the long run, what really matters is what God thinks of our parenting.  In the long run, it matters how we live our lives in front of our children.  In the long run, it matters if our walk with the Lord is genuine, if our decisions are bathed in prayer, if our lives are following the path God wants for our family, if we are obeying God rather than following other peoples guidelines.

It brings so much relief when we are living our lives for the audience of One, God, instead of trying to run in circles and keep up with the latest parenting trends or doing what everyone else seems to be doing.

Parenting is not an easy road. It is definitely a blessing, but it takes a lot of work!  Hard work, that one day, if done the way God instructs, holds the promise that when our children “are old, he will not depart from it.”

Am I a Super Mom or am I an Abiding Mom?  My hearts prayer is that I will be an abiding Mom.

The beginning of our Happily Ever After pt. 4

The beginning of our Happily Ever After pt. 4

We got home later that afternoon and Chad informed me that we had a special date night planned that evening.  We got all spiffied up and he picked me up and off we went.  (He was staying with some friends of ours while visiting my family over Christmas).

As we headed out I asked him if he knew where we were going.  Keeping in mind that he wasn’t from around these parts, I didn’t want him to get lost!  He told me he did and within a few minutes he pulled up in front of Outback Steakhouse.  Nice!

We enjoyed a wonderful meal, but I still noticed the reservation in him.  I couldn’t put my finger on it and throughout dinner I kept asking him if he was okay or if something was bothering him.  He assured me he was fine and we finished our dinner and got back in the car.

We pulled onto the highway and I asked, “Where are we going?”

“Let’s see where this takes us!” was his response 🙂

“Okay……” I said hesitantly.

Next thing I know we pull up to this glass bridge that was built when I was in high school.  That little stinker knew just where we were going!  It was dusk and the bridge is lit at night so you can imagine how beautiful it was!  I grew up in northern California and it is honestly just a gorgeous place to live!  While standing on the bridge you can see the river flowing below and there are mountains all around.  Oh, it’s just beautiful!

We walked across the bridge and down by the water then back up to the bridge and we stopped in the middle of it.  We were both overlooking the bridge when Chad stepped behind me, hugged me and said “Wendy, I love you so much.  I never thought I could love anyone this much and I believe with all my heart that God wants you to be my wife.”

I turned around, completely mush! I am a total sap, romance is right up my alley 🙂  He said other sweet things that for the life of me I can’t remember.  I just couldn’t believe this was happening!

He got down on one knee, pulled out a ring box, opened it up and asked, “Will you marry me?”

Oh. My. Goodness.

Is this really happening to ME?  The girl who thought marriage would never happen to her!  The girl who waited (for what seemed like forever) for just the right guy and now here he stood, right in front of me!


Chad whipped that ring right out of the box and placed it on my finger.

We were ENGAGED!!  AGH!!!

It was such a wonderful and romantic evening.  I couldn’t help but stare at my ring.  ENGAGED!

We headed back to our friends home where my mom (who knew about this all along) and younger brother were waiting.  Everyone was so over joyed and now the real wedding planning could begin!  It was no wonder my man was acting so odd, he was incredibly nervous 🙂  As if I would turn him down, psh, no way!

All the while I was writing letters in that journal, writing prayers out for who I now know was THIS man.  The amazing thing is, that semester when I was so burdened to pray for my future husband, that was a semester that he was going through some really tough stuff.  It was wonderful going through my prayer journal with him and showing him that the exact dates he was struggling with God’s will for his life is the exact time I was praying so much for him.  Wow!  I LOVE hearing and seeing how God answers prayer!

We were married 6 months later and one of my wedding gifts to my husband was that journal to him I began back when I was 16.  He loved it!

Chad was DEFINITELY worth the wait.  He is everything that I ever prayed for in a husband and then some.  Some days I look at him and can’t believe he is mine!

Though our married life has not always been easy, we have seen trials come and go together, I do feel like I am living a happily ever after.  I get to wake up every day with my best friend, wonderful husband, amazing Daddy, and live life together with him!  The man God created just for me!

If you had asked me when I graduated high school where I saw myself in 10 years, I couldn’t have imagined how wonderful this life of mine would be.  I feel incredibly blessed!  Even through our trials we have seen God pull us together even closer.  Honestly, I would rather spend an evening with my husband than have a girls night out on the town.  I adore my life with Chad and my children.  When I think of my life, I can sum it up in one word: Blessed!

……And that is the beginning of our happily ever after!

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The beginning of our Happily Ever After pt. 3

The beginning of our Happily Ever After pt. 3

Over the next several weeks Chad and I enjoyed many dates.  We talked about everything under the sun and I found out those weeks ago when my roommates said my phone would keep ringing but I’d have no messages?  Ya, that was Chad 🙂  He kept calling my voicemail just to hear my voice.  Now isn’t that sweet?  Also he told me that the reason he had waited nearly a week to call me was because of some *advice* from one of his buddies.  He didn’t want to appear desperate….. Guys 😉

For my birthday he and another good friend of ours planned a date off campus (which was a big deal!) at a Mexican restaurant.  The thoughtfulness in his planning was so very sweet!   Later on my actual birthday we had a dinner date planned.  We went to the restaurant there on campus and before the night was over Chad said, “I have something that I want to tell you.”

“Yes?” I waited……

He got all shy and grabbed a napkin.  He began to write something on it but he wouldn’t let me see.  When he was done writing he slid the napkin over to me and waited for my response.

I read the napkin, but then said, “What does it say?”

“I love you”, he said shyly 🙂

Awwwwww!  Melted in a puddle is where I was!

He then asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I agreed!

We ended up graduating that semester but were separated all summer because he was working at his church in his home state and I was working at a youth camp as a counsellor out in Colorado.

Can I tell you just how sweet my guy is?

Not a day went by that I didn’t get mail from him.  Seriously.  He told me when we parted ways for the summer that he was going to write me every day and he actually did!  It was SO sweet.  I still have all those letters and notes.  He even drew me a picture of us from graduation that he had framed and mailed it to me.  Seriously, SO SWEET!

As the months went on I moved to his home state and lived with his grandparents while I taught preschool at a day care.  Chad was working at his dad’s company and also helping out at church.

At Christmas we flew to my home and my family got to meet him.  Let me back up a second, before Chad asked me if we could date he actually called my Dad and asked for his permission.  I thought for sure that he would break up with me after that because my dad could be VERY intimidating!  He didn’t though, but actually started writing letters to my parents so they could get to know him as well.  Is he a keeper or what?!

While at my home there was a day where I thought he was acting very odd.  We had gone out shopping in the big city for the day and I was getting nervous.  Was he beginning to change his mind about us?  Was he going to break up with me?  I mentioned it to my mom and she passed it off as “Maybe he is tired”.

There was just something nagging in my mind though. I knew Chad, and I knew this was not his norm.  What was up?

To be continued……

The beginning of our Happily Ever After pt. 2

The beginning of our Happily Ever After pt. 2

I couldn’t be quiet any longer.  I had a DATE!  It was time to be excited and I had to tell my best friend!

“AMBER!” I tried to whisper but am sure it came out much louder than that…..

My friend looked at me a little fuzzy, “Yes?” she asked.

Feeling a bit giddy I said, “You are not going to believe what just happened!”

Her interest perked  a bit more, “What?”

Partly jumping up and and down I said, “I have a DATE!” Eeeek!!  (Yes, I believe squealing was involved 🙂 )

Amber hopped off the top bunk and joined in my excitement.  Now let me share with you, Amber was my closest friend and felt more like a sister.  She is just one of those friends who “gets me” and I get her.  I appreciate her friendship dearly and she has always been a true friend.

Sorry, rabbit trail.

Then came the wondering “What am I going to wear?”  Typical, right?

I also picked up the phone and called my other good friends and said something along the lines of “You have to come with me tonight!”

After church that night, with my heart just a pounding, we all walked into what was called the Commons.  A place where many college students hung out throughout the day but especially in the evenings.

I saw him.  I could take you to the exact table he was sitting at if we were back at college 🙂  My friends and I all shared a glance and we walked over to the table.  He was sitting there without any of his friends.  Ummmm…. I think  I missed something here.  Little did I know he was planning for us to double with mutual friends of ours.  So I wasn’t *supposed* to bring my whole posse of girlfriends with me 🙂  Oops!  Can you imagine what he must have been thinking when four of my closest girlfriends showed up with me? Ha!!  Poor guy!

One by one throughout the evening my friends began to desert me.  When the last one left I was so nervous that I made some excuse to leave shortly after her.  I do remember though how much I enjoyed his company but I didn’t think that he would ever end up calling me.

A day went by.  Three days went by.  No phone call.  Nearly a week came and went and I thought, “Oh well”.

Throughout that week though my roommates kept telling me that my phone would constantly ring while I was out.  Weird.  No messages.

Then on a Saturday afternoon my phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hi, Wendy.  It’s Chad”

Insert heart rate picking up.


Thus ensued a two and a half hour long conversation over the phone.  A conversation that once it ended I quickly dialed my mom and said, “Mom, I’ve met the guy I’m going to marry.  I just know he’s *the one*.” I had never understood how other people would say they just *knew* when they met *the one* they were meant to marry, until now.  It was all crystal clear and the Lord was beginning to answer the prayers I had prayed for so many years.

To be continued……

The beginning of Our Happily Ever After

The beginning of Our Happily Ever After

In just a few weeks my hubby and I will celebrate another anniversary.  How is it that we have been married for 7 years already?  Goodness it’s gone quickly!  I thought I’d do a little “in the beginning of our happily ever after” for your enjoyment!

Waaaaaaaaaay back when I was 16 my mom handed me a Focus on the Family magazine (do they still make those?) and in it was an article she thought I would be interested in.  So I read the article about this girl who at the age of 16 began a journal for her future husband.  I thought it was such a neat idea!  So I began one myself. I wrote letters to my future mate whom I did not know at the time and ended each letter with a prayer for him. 

I vowed I only wanted to date the guy I was going to marry.  Boy, that was tough!  I didn’t know God’s plan for me was to wait so long to finally meet him 🙂

College started in fall of 2000 and little did I know that my future husband was right there on campus.  I went throughout my college years with dates sprinkled here and there and with many a complaint to my mom about never having a serious relationship.  My mom would always remind me of my decision to wait for *The One*.  It kind of annoyed me a little bit….. but she was right.

My college years were anything but boring though! I made some wonderful friendships with some girls who loved the Lord and we always had a great time together!  We made so many memories and looking back, I am thankful that the Lord reserved the relationship with my now husband for later in my college years because I probably wouldn’t have made such great friendships with these girls.

In 2003 I remember meeting my hunka burnin’ love 🙂  As crazy as it may seem, we actually had many mutual friends and it took us all the way until our Jr. year to actually meet.  My good friend and I often went off campus together and one day we needed to return her car to her brother so that he could go off campus as well.  I didn’t think much of the guy who was with her brother because we often met up with her brother to swap keys.  If I had known better I would have paid better attention!

The fall semester of my Senior year I felt a tremendous burden to pray harder for my future husband.  I prayed much for his character to be built.  I prayed that he would be a man after God’s own heart.  I prayed that if he must go through trials to make him that man, that God would send the encouragement he needed to make it through those trials.  I had never felt more burdened for this man I did not yet know would be my future mate.  My journal to him along with my prayer journal began to fill quickly with the constant prayers for him.

In January of our Sr. year just after the semester began, my phone rang.  It was a Sunday afternoon and I had just woken up from a nap.  I answered the phone feeling a bit groggy and trying to be quiet because my roommates and a friend of mine were sleeping on the other bunks.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Uh, hi, Wendy?” the voice on the other end asked.


“Hi, I don’t know if you remember me at all, but my name is Chad and I was just wondering if you would like to meet me and some friends after church for dinner.”  He worked at a church off campus and he wanted to meet up after church.

Be still my heart.

Okay, Wendy, play it cool.  Don’t let on that you have thought this guy was totally good looking and has impressed you for quite some time.  Can he hear my heart through the phone?

“Sure” was my response.

So the plans were made and I hung up the phone.


I had a date!!

To be continued……


Lessons From a Long Ago Legend

Lessons From a Long Ago Legend

Recently I was reading in 1 Samuel.  That story from long ago never ceases to encourage me and be used by God to teach me something.

As I poured over the words a certain phrase stood out to me.  It was found in 1 Samuel 1:15b and it said, “but have poured out my soul before the LORD.”  The passage surrounding this text is about Hannah praying at the temple and the priest Eli thought she was drunk because though it looked like she was talking, but no noise was coming out of her mouth.  Hannah wasn’t drunk, she was pouring her heart out to God!

Hannah was afflicted by her husbands other wife who was able to have children.  Hannah was barren.  The other wife made sure to let her know that she had no children and continued to be a thorn in this godly woman’s side.  Hannah was pleading with the Lord to notice the affliction she was going through and to open her womb and give her a child.  When Eli questioned Hannah she shared her heart, “for out of the abundance of my complaint and grief have I spoken hitherto.”

God saw her grief.  God heard her request.  Our great God answered her prayer and opened her womb and her beautiful baby boy Samuel was born.

I feel like I can relate to this woman, only on the opposite side of the coin.  My husband and I have two beautiful children here on earth but I have been pregnant 6 times and 4 of our children are in Heaven.  For a year now my husband and I have prayed in earnest that the Lord would close my womb if all I am going to ever do is lose babies.  Though it is possible to have something *permanently* done to prevent pregnancy, neither my husband or I had peace about that.  We truly feel that God wants us to trust Him fully and completely.  The pain, the affliction, the grief of the losses we have endured is very real and not an easy thing to go through.  At times I have felt selfish for praying that prayer, but that is the real me.  The Lord knows my heart and He knows how much we can and cannot handle.

Recently my husband and I found out that we are expecting.  As odd as it may seem, there is only JOY and peace in my heart.  I truly believe the Lord has heard our prayers.  He has seen our affliction and grief.  He knows our hearts and He has once again opened my womb.  I believe with all of my heart that the Lord is giving us this baby.  Though I do not see the future, I know the One Who does and I trust Him.  I trust Him enough to simply take this journey one day at a time.

My thoughts have only been those of excitement when it involves this baby.   There is no fear in my heart, right now anyway 🙂  I am choosing to think on things that are true (Phil. 4:8) and what is true is that today I am pregnant!  Today there is a growing life inside of me who is worthy to be joyful over!  A life is a life and it is a reward and gift from the Lord and learning to keep every thought (and imagination) captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Cor. 10:5) has brought freedom.

This baby is God’s answer to our prayers.  He did not close my womb, but He opened it again and I earnestly want to simply trust that He is answering our prayer to allow this baby to come to full term and be healthy and one day come to know Him!

I have quite a journey in front of me and I am taking some meds (Doctor’s orders) right now to try and prevent a miscarriage but ultimately the life of this baby is in the hands of his/her Creator.  I trust Him with my soul, so how can I not trust Him with the life of this sweet baby?

God is just so good!