There are so many things that God has been teaching me/reminding me of lately.  All things I need to remember but can sometimes lose my focus of.

Since returning from our conference a few weeks back I have felt spiritually energized, if I can word it that way.  It was just the boost I needed to keep going.  Even we who give so much of ourselves, need to be able to sit back and just be fed so that we don’t burnout!

Sunday our Pastor preached a message that really spoke to my heart.  He made a few statements that really stood out to me and it reminded me of a message I heard while at the conference.

The idea of separation from the world is not a new concept.  God has always wanted His children to be separated.  Live in the world but don’t be conformed to the world.  It can be hard to do that at times.  Satan makes *stuff* look SO appealing and sin can be as attractive as anything! It will be hard, if not impossible to live separated from the world while living here on earth if we are not living victoriously through Christ.  In and of ourselves we cannot fight off the temptations Satan brings our way.

Romans 7:18, For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not.

In order to separate from the world and live victoriously means I must be living a Spirit led life.  Allowing the Holy Spirit to help me overcome those temptations to live like the world.

Our Pastor made a statement that has actually been on my mind a lot these past few months.  I’ve thought much about how it seems that so many godly parents are losing their children to the world.  Why is that?  Is it the lack of time parents spend with their kids these days?  In many homes both the parents work and there isn’t much room left for the family.  Satan will do anything to tear a family apart and these days it seems he doesn’t even have to work very hard to get his mission accomplished.  Is it a lack of separation from the world? Is it a lack of living a Spirit filled life?  What is the missing ingredient that causes kids of seemingly good and godly people to fall by the way side?

Though he didn’t give a blanket statement by saying “This is the one and only reason”, he wouldn’t do that. He did however say that he believes in most cases, the reason the church is losing the young people is because the family/parents is/are not living a victorious Christian life through the Spirit.


If our Christianity is only lived out on Sundays and Wednesdays, who knows that? Our kids.  If saving and spending the almighty dollar on things we want is more important in our  lives than giving back to God what is rightfully His, who knows that?  Our kids.  If we never crack open our Bibles except for on Sunday, if we never live victoriously through the Spirit, if we are never REAL in our Christian walk who knows that?  Our kids.

So true.

The Lord knows my heart.  He knows my short comings.  He knows that my earnest prayer and hope is that my husband and I raise our children to live for Him and part of how they turn out depends upon my own walk with the Lord.  As my Pastor put it, “The Lord saved us out of Egypt (talking about the children of Israel) but we are parked in the wilderness.  We don’t keep moving forward to the promised land!”

Oh do I ever yearn to have a close walk with God.  I want to feast on His Word and share it with others.  I want to see my children walk in the way of the Lord.  Am I living a Christian life that looks attractive to them?  I’m not talking about being fake and putting on a show for them so that it will look attractive.  No, I’m talking about being real.  Am I spending time in God’s Word daily?  Am I spending time in earnest prayer?  Am I praying for their heart and soul often?  Am I seeking help from the Holy Spirit to help me live victoriously and when I do fall am I asking forgiveness and rising up to try again?  If my Christian walk is fake, my kids will know it.  If it is real, they will know it.

I don’t want to be stuck in the desert.  I want to be separated from the world, even though it isn’t always easy.  I admit, I struggle at times with being separated.  I don’t always want to be the “weird one out” because I won’t go watch a certain movie or wear certain clothing because the Lord has convicted me over it.  That is my flesh though and if I transform to the world to reach the world, what have I reached them to?  Does it really matter if I’m not up on the latest movie stars and hit songs?  What is going to benefit me and my family more, living more like the world or living more like Christ?  I dare say it is high time that we as Christians stop compromising with the devil.

There comes a time when all Christians have to choose either God or the world.  How our future generations turn out can depend heavily on our choice.  It really is the cry of my heart that I live a true, genuine Christian life before the Lord, my family, and others.  With Christ’s help, it is definitely possible for me and for you!  It is definitely time to get real about our Christianity.

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