Freedom = Being Weird

Freedom = Being Weird

My husband and I recently became debt free minus our home.

Can I even begin to tell you what that freedom feels like?  Oh my goodness does it ever feel great!

Since before we got married my husband and I have been open and honest about finances.  We decided long ago that we would not use credit cards as a means of a 2nd income.  What a pit that can become, right?

Instead we would live within our means and try to live on less than we made.  Becoming rich has never been the goal, staying out of debt and being good stewards of what God has given us, has been.

As we all know, life just happens and sometimes debt can incur because of it.  Since our first year of marriage and our very first loss of a baby, we have had medical debt weighing us down.  I felt so guilty over this debt because in a way I felt that this debt was my fault.  My husband never made me feel that way, but it was a guilt I took on myself.  After all, the loss happened in my body, I was the one who had to stay in the hospital, therefore in my mind it meant it was my fault, right?  Well, I know in my mind that doesn’t make sense, but in my heart it made perfect sense.

Over the 7 years we have been married we had racked up a sizable debt because of our other 3 losses and man alive I felt like I was being swallowed whole!

A little over a year ago I called into the Dave Ramsey show. Ever hear of him?  I was first introduced to him before my husband and I were married, but never was crazy about listening to talk radio.  To many days of hearing Rush Limbaugh over and over as a child turned me off to that real quick 🙂

Throughout the years we have been married my husband and I had been able to attend some classes of his Financial Peace University program and our interest perked but we thought, “Man, we only make pennies!  How can we even get this taken care of when there is nothing extra at the end of the month?”  All of our needs were always met, but there was nothing left over.

Okay, rabbit trail, anyway, back to the call I made. I was so discouraged at the time and Dave gave me some advice I wasn’t thrilled about.  Head out and get a job, put my kids in day care and get the debt paid off.  I appreciated his input, but well, that was just not God’s will for our lives!  He also was generous and sent us his book, Total Money Makeover.

Yeehaw!  We got that puppy in the mail about a week later and we took off reading it! My hubby and I would read a chapter each night together and talk and talk and talk.  We were able to make a great dent in our debt last year because of it, but then we were slammed with another medical bill that hadn’t yet been sent through from the previous year.  Ouch!

The beginning of this year my husband and I began to earnestly pray that the Lord would provide a way to get this debt taken care of by the end of this 2012 year.  We want so much to be good stewards of what He has given us but it seemed hard to do with the debt around our necks.

Oh my lanta, did we ever think He would answer so QUICKLY?  Um, not really!  Remember, we were praying for the debt to be gone by the end of the year and He had it gone by MARCH!  Whoa baby are we thrilled! 

We wrote the last check and with our kids in tow ran around the house like crazy people cheering “WE’RE DEBT FREE!! JESUS MET OUR NEED!”  Yes, we are that crazy!  Not only that but I just HAD to call back into the Dave Ramsey show and share the great news!  The number one question I am asked about that is, “Did you get to talk to Dave?”  Yeppers!  It was broadcast across these great States and I just wanna shout Praise the Lord for HIS goodness!

I was able to share our story rather briefly and then do the countdown to my scream, “WE’RE DEBT FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” 🙂  Oh ya, it was awesome!

The freedom we have right now feels amazing and all praise goes to God, the One who does meet our needs!

We are currently on baby steps 3 & 4 of Mr. Ramsey’s plan and we are just still praising Jesus for His goodness in our lives.

Take it from a person who understands the strain of debt, working hard, putting pleasure aside, and focusing on the goal (along with a lot of prayer) pays off at the end.  The freedom you will have is worth every penny put towards paying off the debt and lack of lavish vacations. 

With God all things really are possibly and He will reward faithfulness.

Today I am once again thanking the Lord that with a lot of His help we can truly say, we are debt free 🙂

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