The Little Years

The Little Years

I am a Mom, parenting in the little years.  It seems there is a constant need or want that is always present.  Someone hanging on my legs or vying for my attention.  Sometimes it can be weary-some.

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, but I’m also not going to sugar coat anything.  Some days I fall into bed thinking, “Well, today was an utter fail!”

Ever been there?

I adore my children.  I am SO thankful that I have them, but honestly, some days are just plain hard!

Since becoming a wife and Mom I have learned that most often the days I have struggled the most are the days that I have not spent my quality time alone with the Lord first.  I find my patience lacking, my motivation left in bed, and my sense of joy roaming the house hiding from me!

That alone time with the Lord in the morning is what fills my cup.  My cup gets full of God’s love for me so that I can give that love to my husband and my children.  My cup is replenished with joy from the Lord so that I can be joyful and really enjoy these little years with my precious babes.  My mug is topped off with motivation to keep on being consistent in every area, including discipline, prayer, talking about the Lord, sharing His peace with my husband and children.

Spending time with the Lord is what keeps me on the right track and being a better parent.  I find myself asking the Lord, first thing in the morning, “Please, grant me Your wisdom so that I may handle each situation as you would want me to.”  I don’t always handle every situation right and more often then I care to admit my patience runs dry, but the Lord knows I am striving to do my best and I beg Him to make up the difference where I lack. Some days I need to go back to the Scriptures to have my cup filled again.

Parenting in the little years, though it can be waxing, can also be full of so much joy!  True joy doesn’t come from me though, it comes from my true joy-giver, Christ!

I’m reminded of a song I used to sing in our prayer group at college….. it went something like this:

“Fill up my cup, fill up my cup and let it over flow,

Fill up my cup, fill up my cup, and let it over flow,

Fill up my cup, fill up my cup and let it over flow

Let it over flow with love!”

My prayer is that each of us will let the Lord fill our cup each and every morning so that it will overflow with His love so that we can be the Christians He longs for us to be!  To truly express to others the love and joy that can only come from Him!

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